Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PRODUCT REVIEW - Making Parenting Easy and FUN!

The Internet has got to be the number one source for learning about resources (and great products) so we can be better parents, whether we have newborns or our kids are college-age. And no one appreciates making parenting easier than parents who have triplets (like me), quads, or even just twins or two children born within a year.

Recently, while working as a volunteer gathering Goody Bag and Auction items for the upcoming National Triplet Convention in July, I have come across a number of generous businesses, large and small, who are contributing their products to our non-profit's effort. The pumping bras sold by Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear are amazingly hip for today's breast feeding ladies. These fashion statements are pictured and available at http://www.pumpease.com It's been more than a decade since I last used my Medela high volume breast pump to make sure I had enough breast milk for my triplets and older child, all born within a year and whom I breast fed and pumped milk for simultaneously. I remember it, I felt like a cow in a dairy-go-round facility as I spent so much time pumping. Pumping bras with the proper support just weren't available then, and even the nursing bras were so "old lady." These stylish bras provide pumping support with comfort, functionality, and come in great colors, styles, and designs in a HUGE range of sizes -- they are so ahead of their time! Had this company been around, then, I would have ordered one in every design they have in my size.

Another convention sponsor who is providing an outstanding product for us is Baby Banz, Inc. Their UV protective swimsuit, hat/glass combo, sunscreen kit, and sunglass case for children all feature fine workmanship that is colorful and practical. You can buy these online in various little kid sizes at usa.babybanz.com Makes me almost want to have ANOTHER set of triplets just so I can put little ones into these darling swimsuit outfits.

Please feel free to comment on this post as well as add to the must-have list of products that make parenting so much easier and fun!

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