Thursday, June 11, 2009

These Breast Pumping Bras That Are SO Hip

I remember the days when I felt like I was on life support with a bunch of wires and equipment attached whenever I was hooked up to my breast pump to extract milk for my triplets, all who were born with huge appetites because they were born healthy and weighing in at 17 lbs combined (an average of 5+ pounds each).

How I wish the pumping bras sold by Snugabell Mom & Baby Gear had existed then. They are so amazingly hip for today's breast feeding ladies, it almost makes me want to get pregnant with another set of multiples, maybe even quadruplets! These fashion statements, available online at won't scare your husband away, either, as they make pumping Mommies look rather pretty on the job.

I know it's been more than a decade since I last used my breast pump round the clock to make sure I had enough breast milk for my triplets and older child (all born within a year and whom I breast fed and pumped milk simultaneously for almost 2 years). I remember feeling like a cow in a dairy-go-round facility as I spent so much time pumping milk.

Pumping bras with the proper support just weren't available then, and even the most progressive nursing bras of the past were so "old lady", both in fit and design. These stylish bras provide pumping support with comfort, something else I would have appreciated since pumping both sides at once wasn't the most comfortable experience for me. Not only are these bras truly functional, they come in great colors, styles, and designs in a HUGE range of sizes. I wish this company been around, in the 1990s, because I would have ordered one in every design they have in my size.

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