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Monday, March 30, 2015

Passover Free Kids Printables Crafts


Free Printables & Paper Crafts for Pesach

Passover begins this Friday night, April 3, at sundown. Here's a whole bunch of free and fun printables to download and print out this week to keep the kids busy during the holiday break and to beautify your Pesach Seder table and celebration.

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Foldable Paper Pyramid Box Craft

I especially love this foldable pyramid box by Shala Kerrigan of Don't Eat The Paste that is about 2-1/2" tall at its highest point and so easy to make. The uses for this are many: it could be a name card at each place setting at your Seder table, a party favor filled with candy to send home with each your guests, something for the kids to play with during the holiday, or even used in multiples down the center of the table as a centerpiece. 

Image from Don't Eat the Paste

And that's only the tip of the pyramid, as they say. Scroll down below to see lots more fun printouts to make with kids for Pesach.

Frog Origami Craft

Though not really a printable, this is a paper folding craft I just had to include it. All you have to do is follow these directions using a green sheet of origami paper to fold a flat piece of paper into a frog. Why not make a bunch of these and pass them out at the Seder when you get to the part about the frog plague?

Image from Duitang

Passover Coloring Pages

From plagues to playful Seder plates, there are lots of coloring sheets available online for you to print out. These are a few of my favorites for Passover this year. Click on each coloring page to download it

Image from Funny Coloring
Image from Kveller
Image from Coloring Page Book

Paper Plate Sheep Craft

This simple kids art project from Crafting The Word of God requires just a few materials including a paper plate, markers, glue, cotton balls and the free downloadable template to make the sheep face and body parts.

Image from Crafting the Word of God

Printable Animal Masks

A great site for printable animal masks including a frog, sheep, lion, tiger, bear and other beasts associated with Passover is The lion pictured is just one of 20 masks that are waiting for you to download and print.

Image from Coolest Free Printables

Passover 10 Plagues Finger Puppets Craft

Print these out and easily turn the cutouts into finger puppets representing all 10 plagues. Kids love these and they'll look forward to you bringing them to the Seder table every year from now on. A brilliant craft from

Image from Tori Avey

10 Plagues Memory Game

Another fun way to engage kids with the Seder and the meaning of Passover is with this 10 Plagues Memory Game from Creative Jewish Mom. Print two of these out on cardstock, get the kids to color the pages, then cut into squares and you have a Pesach game to enjoy.

Image from Creative Jewish Mom

Egyptian Pharoah Head Dress Printable

What would the Seder be with that big bad guy Pharoah? Print this head dress out from First Palette, a site which also offers other ancient Egyptian printables like a man's collar and a woman's headband. Then cut it out so your child can time travel back to ancient Egypt during the Seder. 

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