Monday, October 16, 2017

Rumidifier Humidifier Review + Giveaway for US and Canada Residents, Good for Families


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Crisp fall weather is now sending a chill through much of the U.S. and Canada which means you may have turned on the heating already for the first time this season at your house. Keeping the family comfortable and cozy on cold days and nights this fall and winter, of course, is important. The problem is constantly blowing dry heat indoors tends to dry out everyone's skin, both people and pets. What's more is that cold and flu season has begun and if your kids get sick, all that dry heat can actually aggravate their symptoms, too. Good thing there is the Rumidifier room humidifier to help us all out.

How Rumidifier Works

The Rumidifier RD10 room humidifier offers a safe, eco-friendly solution to add moisture back into the air without using any electricity or gas. Using one during the colder months of the year when heating the house is a necessity can help alleviate symptoms of allergies, asthma, colds, the flu, arthritis, dehydrated skin, dry eyes, sore throats and more. Both the humans and pets in your home can benefit from this if you use it whenever the heat is on.

Rumidifer can also help with indoor tropical plants and hardwood floors which are both prone to get dried out during heating season.  To operate the unit all you do is simply fill up the water tank and place the humidifier over the floor heating vent in your house or apartment. Your furnace, which is already running, does the rest of the work. 

Widely available in both the U.S. and Canada at Home Depot, Home Hardware, Lowes, Terra 20 and Canadian Tire, the Rumidifier is affordably priced($39.95 CDN). Considering it costs an average of $25 per year for electricity to run a traditional humidifier, it's no surprise that 50,000 of these easy-to-install, sleek functional humidifiers  are already in use in North American households.

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About The Rumidifier
Learn more about eco-friendly Rumidifier RD10 room humidifier from Rumidifier Home Comfort, Inc., by visiting the company's official site as well as following the brand on Twitter and Facebook.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Holiday Entertaining Prep with Samsung Connected Kitchen Appliances from Best Buy


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Holiday Entertaining At Home

Halloween is quickly approaching, with Thanksgiving and the December holiday season not far behind. For families who love entertaining as much as I do, that means you'll be hosting one or more events before the year is over involving food for your family, friends and of course, kid's parties. 

Before the festivities begin, why not update your kitchen with a mini makeover designed to increase organization and minimize stress? With some new Samsung Wi-Fi connected kitchen appliances from Best Buy, you'll feel so much more efficient and calm, giving you the energy and creativity to entertain in style while also spending quality time with those you care about. 

Best Buy is the place to get your house ready for wonderful times and good food ahead, with their extensive collection of the latest Samsung appliances at the best prices available. My family-friendly picks for the holidays and year-round are the Samsung Family Hub 2.0 4-Door French Door Refrigerator and the Samsung 30" Microwave Combination Wall Oven. 

Both of these Samsung kitchen appliances offer features you can operate remotely via your smartphone, making them perfect for moms and dads forever on the go taking kids to school, doctor appointments, sports events, extra curricular activities and more.

Samsung Family Hub 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

This smart counter-depth stainless steel refrigerator is generously sized at 22.2 cubic feet and is beautifully designed inside and out with all the bells and whistles to turn this appliance into a digital calendar, entertainment center, bulletin board and so much more. 

But the best part is -- thanks to being enabled via your home Wi-Fi network -- you'll never run out of the ingredients you need while cooking and baking again. That's because this futuristic icebox allows you to create digital shopping lists as well as features three built-in cameras, providing you with a bird's eye view of what's in your refrigerator and freezer via your smartphone so you can buy what you need on the way home. There's also less food waste since you are able to set food and drink expiration date notifications. $3,199.99  Sku: 5796738

Samsung Microwave Combination Wall Oven with FlexDuo

Another uber convenient appliance that is almost like having a real live assistant chef in the kitchen is this smart microwave and wall oven combination. This 30" oven combo does it all: speed cook in the microwave with power convection for evenly cooked food while at the same time bake in the steam oven to get precise even baking whether you're roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving or baking homemade bread or gingerbread cookies, two of my favorite things to mix up for the holidays. 

You can even cook three things at three different temperatures in the oven simultaneously. And that's not all. Just imagine how handy this will be during the hectic holidays: You can turn on and off this oven, preheat it and even adjust the cooking temperature or time remotely from your smartphone. This frees you up to cook and bake while you're out of the house or even just in another room getting the kids ready or dressing yourself and finishing up your makeup minutes before the guests arrive.  $3,779.99  Sku: 5747500

Samsung Appliances at Best Buy

Check out the wide selection of Samsung kitchen appliances available at Best Buy. There are so many choices here for an equally wide variety of lifestyles and budgets. While you're there, don't miss the special exclusive Best Buy offer to save 10% off when you buy four or more Samsung kitchen appliances.

With conveniences like these, just imagine how much more time you'll have to entertain and focus on the creative details as well as enjoy yourself along with your guests. No one wants to be the host or hostess trapped in the kitchen while everyone else is celebrating and having all the fun, do they? It's time to prepare your home for holiday entertaining!

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