Teen Tuesday

Weekly Wisdom from a Teenage Girl

Every week on Tuesday, 16 year-old teen blogger Rebecca Elspas -- who goes by @RebElspas on Twitter -- posts another humorous column for Teen Tuesday. Teenagers are going to be nodding their heads as they read what she has to say about everyday life.

Rebecca's posts for Teen Tuesday, most recent at top include

7 Secret Tips for Babysitting Kids 0 to 5 Years Old

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What I'm Going to Miss Most About Summer Camp

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Summer Camp Tunes Inspired by Pink & Nate Reuss

How to Create a Flashmob at Camp or at Home

Pilates Perfect Summer Teen Body Pursuit

Packing for Camp - Tips & Rants

How to Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday

Teenager Summer Bucket List

Daughter Rebecca Elspas Joins Mommy Blog Expert

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