Monday, June 27, 2022

Family Camp Kids Movie Review Giveaway


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Have you ever wondered about what could go wrong on a family camp trip? Just in time for July 4th weekend, the wacky big screen comedy Family Camp (2022, PG), arrives on DVD, Digital, and Video on Demand. From start to finish kids and parents alike watching this family-friendly feature film will be laughing together non-stop, perhaps even finding a character or two who reminds them of their own family, maybe even laughing at themselves. 

Mom on Family Camping Trip

The Storyline

Starring Tommy Woodard, Eddie James, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Gigi Orsillo, and Mark Christopher Lawrence, this heartwarming comedy revolves around two traditional families each comprised of a father, mother, daughter, and son who set off for a church camp adventure at Camp Katokwah. Soon these two clans -- who couldn't be more different than each other -- find themselves unexpectedly bunking up together in a yurt as well as competing like their lives depend on it to take home the camp's games trophy for their own brood. 

From the get go, the kids are bickering among themselves and whining to their parents that there's no wifi or air conditioning, wondering how they will survive the week. In fact with plenty of mosquitos and other inconveniences and natural nuisances to go around for everyone, the grownups aren't exactly enjoying themselves, either.  

These families butt heads almost constantly as they fight to win a pie eating contest, ATV race, and an assortment of other family camp game competitions. Nothing is going right, with crazy mishaps at every turn. Without a doubt, once you see this, I think you'll agree that this is Murphy's Law on steroids. Things are looking really hopeless. That is, until the two dads end up stranded and lost in the woods together where their faith and family bonds are tested, and something surprising happens. 

DVD Special Features

  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Heart of Family Camp
  • The Skit Guys Story
  • Deleted Scenes with Optional Director Commentary
  • Rhett Walker Goes Behind the Scenes
  • Eddie's Yurt Tour


 More About Family Camp

Family Camp, now available on DVD, Digital, and Video on Demand, with a feature runtime of 90 minutes, is available on Amazon and elsewhere. Stay updated on this movie by watching the movie trailer and following them on their official social media channels Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. See the official movie trailer to get a peek at the hilarious action.


Family Camp 
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Family Camp Movie Review Giveaway

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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Why Summer is the Teenager Season


Summer Frame of Mind

With summer starting in just under a week, I started thinking...

If one equates spring with renewal and birth, it's logical to see how winter might be a stand-in for the Golden Years and fall might represent middle age and adulthood. Summer is a little more challenging to draw those kinds of parallels to categorize it though, don't you think?

Woman Riding Bicycle With Wicker Basket

Summer as the Teenager

When I began considering what stage of life makes sense when thinking about summer, I automatically thought of that no man's or woman's land between baby and grown up called the teenage years.

Exploring new territory for the first time, the lack of real pressures of responsibility and deadlines, a feeling of both fearlessness and immortality -- when I think of all these, they apply equally to both being a teen and in general, the lazy and more forgiving pace of summertime for us all.

Mother Son Quality Time Together

True, I may be far past those teen years myself and have raised four teenagers of my own to become independent, successful young adults. 
Still, I recall the great anticipation of seemingly endless lazy days with which I once greeted each new summer during my own Baby Boomer childhood.

These reflections about summer as the teenage season of life make me contemplate, understand and ultimately appreciate two very important lessons learned about living. The promise of summer ahead is definitely meant for every teenager's enjoyment. But everything good that each new summer brings is also intended for everyone of every age, young and old, to savor, to experience new things and to grow.

woman straw hat backyard garden picking rose

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer: however you choose to spend it. A summer of personal growth, health, and happiness, as well as an abundance of quality time and fun doing what you really enjoy on your own as well as with family and/or friends.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Mothers Day Cards Last Minute Mom Gift

Mother's Day

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Mother's Day Cards Double As Keepsakes

Ask just about any Mom what she really wants for Mother's Day. More often than not, she'll say she doesn't want any gifts and just wants to spend time with her family. But, when miles separate you and you can't be there with the mother in your life on her day, there's nothing better than sending her a card from the Lovepop Mother's Day card collection delivered to her door that's as unique and special as she is.

Lovepop Mothers Day Card

My Mother's Day Tradition

I've made a tradition out of mailing my own Mommy, now in her 90s, a different Mother's Day Lovepop card annually for more years than I can count. Watch as Mom opens and unfolds the basket of flowers card I sent her this year. The look of magical wonderment and smile on her face says it all.

This brand's cards are so much fun to give and to receive. In fact, the heirloom quality of these cards make lovely mementos to extend the joy they give long after a holiday has passed.  So, whenever I go to visit her it gives me great pleasure to see how much she enjoys showing me all the past years' cards I've sent her since she has saved every single one.

Lovepop Mothers Day Cat Tree House Card

The Lovepop Mother's Day card assortment changes from year to year with both popular perennial favorites (like the flower basket design I gave my Mom) returning each season and new cards being designed and offered each year. From cat lady moms to dog fans and nature lovers, and many other styles of cards to choose from, you'll likely find the perfect card to match your own mother's interests and personality.

About Lovepop

Lovepop cards are available online, in dedicated retail stores and from partners both in-store and online such as Amazon. Beyond Mother's Day, Lovepop has a seemingly endless array of popup cards for Father's Day, Graduation and all other major holidays year-round. 

From Birthday, Get Well, to Love, Thank You, Sympathy, Friendship, Anniversary, Retirement and many more, there are cards for just about any occasion one can imagine. They even have cards which are blank inside so you can give a Lovepop card for any other reason you may think of.  Additionally, they offer a variety of unique and special gift items such as beautiful paper flower bouquets, gift tags, ornaments and other items. 

Learn more by visiting Lovepop's official site, as well as following the brand on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


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Mothers Day Paper Flower Basket Card