Sunday, May 20, 2018

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Monday, May 22

All Natural Pork Twitter Party at Noon ET with @smithfieldbrand @sofabchats and others. Prizes: FIFTY (50) $25 Walmart giftcards, ONE (1) $200 Walmart GC. #AllNaturalPork RSVP

Early Man Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @5minutesformom. Prizes: $200 in Amazon giftcards, TEN (10) Early Man Blu-ray movie and soccer balls. #EarlyMan RSVP 

Disney Kids Toy Story Land Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @resourcefulmom. Prizes: FIVE (5) $25 Disney giftcards. #DisneyKids RSVP

Tuesday, May 23

Minneapolis GFFAFest Twitter Party, Time, Prizes and Hashtag TBA, Save the Date - Watch for more info here soon

Culturelle Instagram Party from 9 am - 5 pm ET with Smiley 360. Prizes: TEN (10) prize packs include water bottle plus either a $25 or $50 Amazon giftcard. #BeGoodInside #CulturelleProbiotics RSVP

This is Style Twitter Party at 4 pm ET with @searsstyle. Prizes: TBA. #ThisIsStyle Details

Love with Food Twitter Party at 7 pm ET with @lovewithfood. Prizes: TBA. #LoveWithFood RSVP 

Solo A Star Wars Story Twitter Party at 7 pm ET with @savvymamalifestyle @couponmamacita and others. Prizes: TBA. #wdweventchat #hansolo RSVP

Wednesday, May 24

Get Grilling America Twitter Party at Noon ET with @smithfieldbrand @tuffystone and others. Prizes: SEVENTY (70) $25 Walmart giftcard, ONE (1) Grand Prize $200 Walmart GC, ONE (1) mystery prize. #GetGrillingAmerica RSVP

TTPM Live Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @ttpm. Prizes: fun toys and kids stuff TBA - BOTH US & Canada residents eligible for prizesTTPMlive Details


Wednesday, May 31

TTPM Live Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @ttpm. Prizes: fun toys and kids stuff TBA -BOTH US & Canada residents eligible for prizes. #TTPMlive Details

Thursday, June 1

LIVE with DevaCurl from 3-3:30 pm ET with Influenster. Prizes: FIVE (5) Decadence Collection prize packs ARV $80. RSVP



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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Busy Mom Tips to Save Time and Reclaim Quality Family Time With This Must-Have Accessory

Time Management

MBE partnered with Armitron for this post


Mother's Day may be over but as us moms all know, mothers work hard around the clock all 365 days a year and should be appreciated daily. With all the running around doing errands, taking care of our children and hubbies, keeping up with a seemingly endless list of parenting and household duties, on top of many of us working full- or part-time, it's easy to lose track of time when you're away from your smartphone unless you are wearing a wrist watch from a reliable brand such as Armitron.

Armitron Rose Gold Bracelet Watch Set Review

Mom Life = Busy Life

Really, how many times have you said these things? "Where did the time today go? Am I going to be late to pick up the kids? Will dinner be ready on time if I stop at the market on the way home?" The list goes on. 

No matter what you are thinking or experiencing throughout your busy day, the refrain is universally the same for moms. Does "How I wish there were more hours in the day to do everything I want to do!" seem familiar? 

Yeah, having been there, done that with four kids born in a year, I know exactly what you mean. Have no fear: read on for my tried and true secrets to reclaiming a few hours every day.

Busy Mom Guide to Saving Time

Tips to Use Time More Efficiently 

Plan Tomorrow Today  

The night before, after the kids are in bed, sit down for a few minutes, catch your breath, and clear your mind. To supplement the calendar items already entered into your phone -- such as appointments and events you want to attend -- make a to do list of specific chores or tasks you want to get accomplished. 

Then, the next day, cross things off as you get them done. Try not to make the list too long with more things than you reasonably can do in a single day. 

Make a new list every day, rather than add to yesterday's undone chores, before you go to sleep. The main thing is to write everything down because forgetting to do something when you should often takes longer or creates additional work later.

Organize the Night Before

This is especially important on school nights when mornings tend to be chaotic. Even kindergartners can get themselves ready for the next school day if you teach them how and work with them daily until it becomes an automatic habit. 

Easy learnable kid tasks that come to mind include simple things like choosing and setting out their clothes, shoes and socks; preparing school lunches; and packing up backpacks, etc. the night before. In addition, you or they, can put out boxes of cereal, spoons and bowls on the table before bedtime so that breakfast is quicker in the morning. 

A side benefit of calming the morning tumult by organizing is that kids will be more likely not to forget their homework, project or anything else they need to bring with them to school. This saves you an unplanned trip mid-day as their personal delivery person, right?

Armitron Rose Gold Watch Bracelet Set Review

Wear a Watch and Always Arrive Early

Make it a habit to wear a watch you can trust every day, putting it on first thing after you get up and last thing before you go to sleep. That way, even when your phone is off during a meeting or the battery needs a recharge while you are out for the day with your kids, you'll always know what time it is. 

Another time saver involves planning to arrive a little earlier than you actually need to, so that you will always be on time even there is something slowing you down. Just think: instead of your child being late for school because you had to drive around the block looking for a parking space, you might even get lucky and get a parking space right in front!

Combine Errands, Without Kids if Possible

Doing multiple errands while you're out is another real time saver that will pay you back with more time in your day. It's seems like a no brainer, but so many of us (myself) included often use more time going here, there and everywhere than necessary. 

Instead, when you have errands, rather than bringing the kids along, or making multiple trips to and from your house during the day, try taking care of each to do item after you've dropped your children off at school or before you've picked them up. 

Here's something else to try: Go fill up your car with gas, shop for groceries or pick up something you need nearby, instead of sitting in the waiting room while they have their music lesson or an after school dance class or sports practice.

Busy Moms Guide Tips to Save Time

Discover an Affordable Watch to Suit Your Style

This 2-piece Armitron watch and bracelet set I chose goes from day to evening beautifully. Available in Rose Gold-Tone as pictured or in Silver Tone, both the watch and bracelet are generously bedazzled with real Swarovski Crystals. At $90, this stylish watch set can be worn separately or together. It truly is so versatile and beautiful and I love wearing it for both casual and special occasions. 

There is even an extra jewelry clasp enclosure on both this watch and bracelet, which you can easily remove yourself if you have a slender wrist like I do, simply by removing one of the closures. This adjustable wrist sizing feature will also come in hand for those of you who tend retain water, especially when pregnant, and/or when you lose or gain weight.

Armitron Rose Gold Watch Bracelet Set Review

While in reality, none of us can actually manufacture extra hours each day, if you follow these tips you'll likely discover you really do have more time available simply because you're using it more wisely instead of wasting it.  Besides, us busy moms can use that extra time to our advantage, doing more for ourselves as well as carving out more quality time with family.

About Armitron

Armitron has so many reliable quality watch choices for men, women, and all your adventures, including ones that are perfect for busy mothers starting at just $25. Whatever your style there is probably more than one wrist watch you will love. Go ahead, you deserve it, give yourself the gift of time. 

Learn more at as well as follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also keep up on what's trending by following hashtag #OneWatchManyFaces on social media.

FTC Disclosure: I received the featured Armitron watch set to facilitate this post and product review. However, opinions here are my own. See complete FTC Disclosure that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's  home page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.