Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PRODUCT REVIEW - "Unlock the Mystery to Math" BOOK

Finally a Book That Actually Can Help Kids Failing Math in a FUN Way
As a parent of a child struggling with numbers, you've tried everything.  You've spent a lot more time and money on tutors and various math enrichment programs than you'd like to admit.  And how much hair is left on your head to pull out after surviving all those hours of teacher conferences and even more time in math homework warfare?

You are feeling as if you are at the end of your rope, right?  Here, you have a very bright child who performs exceptionally well in other subjects, possibly with a high IQ, but they still can't understand basic grade-level concepts. Why? Does your child still think Math is a four letter word? Well, it does have four letters, you know.  What now?

I know I've personally experienced this frustration. Why, by the end of sixth grade I obsessed, couldn't one of our triplets who reads well above grade level and writes even better, grasp and apply basic math skills? For sure, she's going to need much better math abilities to survive the rest of what used to be called junior high, never mind pass the simple algebra and geometry courses required to even graduate from high school.

At the time, my husband and I were really at wit's end. After many hours of homework and tutoring by mom, dad, siblings, friends, and teachers, she was still failing. Not to mention the fact that both mom and dad had practically memorized the entire 6th grade textbook's problems, since we'd go over each chapter again and again with her.

But luckily, just in time before we started swinging from the chandelier in our dining room, we stumbled upon a treasure, thanks to a public school independent study program advisor.  That softcover book's value turned out to be worth far more than its weight in gold (even at today's sky high prices).  And to think how little gold I would have received for $18.95, the cover price of the book, Unlock The Mystery To Math, by RJ Toftness, RJ Publishing, ISBN #978-0-9821469-0-3

Toftness' novel approach to finding out why one fails in math, intertwines cartoons, illustrative stories and straight forward explanations.  Among teachers and administrators that have raved about this teaching tool are Samuel Kiwasz, now retired, who served 22 years as a Los Angeles Unified School District middle school teacher.  " Unlock the Mystery to Math could really revolutionize the way we teach math in this country and potentially help boost America's math literacy," Kiwasz states.

My own 12 year-old had been working with this book for about a month but had made more progress than she did during the entire school year. She's really getting it now. In fact, last night she informed us that she is ready for physics! In reality, it's going to be awhile before she really even knows what physics is, but at least for now she finally feels something better than her former I-Hate-Math self and is channeling positive learning progress as a result of this text.

So, let me encourage you that all has not failed yet. If you think you have tried everything else already, don't give up completely before you try this book -- it could make the difference between your child being a success or failure in middle school and high school mathematics and beyond. I try to inject humor into everything I write, but the outcome for you might not be so entertaining for your child if you don't at least investigate this great learning tool.

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OC Fun Blog said...

Thanks for this post. My daughter also struggles with Math and I will check this book out. She is going into 7th grade this year and I don't want her confidence level to drop at this point in her education. Thanks again!

RJ Toftness said...

My name is RJ Toftness, author of the book, "Unlock the Mystery to Math" and just by chance came across your blog.
Thank you for the kind words you said about the book and I'm very grateful that it put a "spark of hope" into your child's education.

MommyBlogExpert said...

I highly recommend this book for just about any child who is struggling with MATH and hope that others will receive the same benefits my family have by reading it!

Rebecca said...

I am also one of the many people that have trouble with math, in fact, I have read the book before and it really is helpful

MommyBlogExpert said...

So glad to hear you like this text. I sure wish Unlocking the Mystery to Math had been around when I was flipping out over Algebra in the 1970s.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great book. I often tutor kids on math, via friends and others who know I majored in math in college. And one constant problem I run into is how poor nearly all textbooks are in explaining math to the reader! They drown. I can use a book like this to help clear up their confusions.

Aleksey said...

I've always enjoyed math and study of math, but I drowned when I got to Calculus in college and haven't touched math since. I'd like to resuscitate my love for this subject.

Lane Sutton - Kid Critic said...

Math is tough and especially understanding the concepts. It would be good to let this book give me a brush-up on my math!
It would be for myself.

Laura said...

I'm confused as to where to enter, here or on the review post, so I am posting at both :)

I would love to win this book for my homeschooled daughter. She has always struggled in Math :(

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Laura said...

I tweeted


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MommyBlogExpert said...

Enter HERE now to win Unlock the Mysteries to Math. Hurry and tell your friends too since this contest ends SOON on Oct. 31, 2009

Stuff Smart said...

I would love to win this for my dd who is now starting to struggle in math.

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