Monday, September 21, 2009

PRODUCT REVIEW - Cheeky Quilts

One-of-a-kind Handmade Quilts Offering Heirloom Quality That's Affordable
by Janis Brett Elspas, MommyBlogExpert

If you've ever shopped heirloom-quality, you know beautiful, hand-sewn quilts made in the U.S.A. that are reasonably priced are nearly impossible to find these days. But, one-of-a-kind quilts by a talented quilt master offering both original ready-made and custom designs without breaking the bank?  Unheard of, you might say. That is, until you discover an upstart online boutique started by Laura Seitz, a Los Angeles quilt artist, whose entire line fills that description.

Cheeky Quilts launched in spring 2009. I first learned of this unique Los Angeles-based quilt design operation when Laura approached me with an offer to donate three of her kid-sized masterpieces to the annual fundraiser held at the non-profit Triplet Connection Convention where I've volunteered since my triplets were toddlers.

I had no idea how beautiful these treasures were until I actually saw and felt one. Every Cheeky quilt is different and the faux fur pile backing on each softer (and a good thing, more animal-friendly) than any mink coat. Indeed, from the moment I unwrapped these donated pieces, I was hooked. So, were my four kids (12 year old triplets and 13 year-old big brother), after they each briefly held and "test drove" the blankets.

Long story short is that my kids insisted I bid on all three blankets at our higher order multiples fundraiser, which I dutifully did. Unfortunately for me, these were surprise money making hits at the convention auction and I ended up winning just one quilt. I thought, "No problem. The kids can each take a turn sleeping with our prize." Boy did I ever misjudge that one. To my surprise, after the first night, all four of my tweens were fighting over a single quilt.

So, I called Cheeky Quilts and placed a custom order for three more kid-size quilts to coordinate with the one we already had, requesting that each had distinctly different soft pile backings so my children wouldn't argue over them. Just two weeks later, Laura came to the rescue and hand delivered those specially-ordered coverings to my house. Needless to say, the kids were all very happy when that day arrived as you see in the photo to your right.

For this review, in addition to the four children's quilts I bought, Laura gave me the large Cheeky Quilt in A Bag (pictured left) that self folds simply into a bag (at right).  This is a beautiful as it is practical and will make a perfect picnic blanket in the summer or a fun cover up in the winter at chilly outdoor sporting events. I just love the sock monkey prints that have been mixed to perfection.  This quilt measures 46" x 63" open, but folds up into a compact 16x16 inches square bag with a large outside pocket and sturdy carrying straps. Compare photos of each of the quilts in this story and note the different darling vintage-like sock monkey designs on each of these beauties.

One's reaction after handling one of these fleece or faux fur-backed blankets -- whether baby, kid, or adult -- is to draw it close to the face and cheeks. That is why Cheeky Quilts are so aptly named. Laura hand makes every quilt herself using 100% cotton prints that are colorfully whimsical with soft textured backs. Best of all, each and every Cheeky Quilt is not only easy care and machine washable it is made to be used daily and treasured for years.

The company's fine quality quilts, quilts in a bag, and even a blanket that folds into a pillow, which would be perfect for traveling and students living in college dorms, are all available both one-of-a-kind ready to buy and custom made. A variety of designs and sizes within each product category are available in sizes for every member of the family, from baby on up. Reasonably priced and gender neutral, too, there is quilt for everyone in this collection, whether you are buying as a thoughtful gift for a loved one or special treat for yourself.

Available at   Retail prices start at $69 and up.  Wholesale queries also welcome.

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