Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FREE LIST of Resources for Busy Moms

Websites That Make Easier and More Productive all Moms
from VocalPoint

If you are a Mom (or a Dad) with the bulk of childcare duties in your household and have one or more children from newborn through high school, your middle name should be BUSY!  Believe me, I understand what you are feeling because I have 4 kids born within a year (including triplets) and they are now all tweens. Yes, life is a wee bit hectic here.

Few among us would disagree that all of us moms are busier than our own moms probably were.  Whether we work full-time as stay-at-home parents or we are  career professionals working outside the house with kids at home, we hardly have time for ourselves. has an excellent list of websites that help make life easier and more productive for all Moms (and childcare-giving Dads, to be politically correct). Just two on their list that I am already familiar with and want to share with you are: DinnerTool and SlickDeals

DinnerTool, which I mention on my blog in a post called The Answer to I Don't Know What to Make for Dinner, is another great resource. Here, you'll find all kinds of ideas that will help you to make dinner for your family just by using things that you already have on hand.

SlickDeals is another website that I often check out when looking to stretch my family's dollars.  This is a FREE user-driven deal sharing site where consumers have the freedom to collaborate and share information through posts that fan and vet the best deals both online and off. In addition to finding info on the best deals right now, there is also a section where you can find out about what money-saving coupons are available and where to get them.  I will be mentioning them periodically in my blog posts when I talk about saving money.

These two sources here are just the tip of the iceberg.  I for one, know I will be looking into several of the other 14 sites on that I think are G-d sends to busy parents everywhere.  I hope you will check them out as well.

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