Friday, October 23, 2009

Should All Brands Be Using Twitter, Facebook & Other Social Media?

In answer to the question is social media (Twitter, Facebook, et al) always a good thing for B2C and B2B brands to use?  I'd say probably not.  I tending to agree, instead, with a piece in the online edition of a major advertising trade that I have read for decades, and that I continue to read daily now, even though I am no longer working in advertising and public relations as I transition to full-time professional mommy blogger through this blog MommyBlogExpert

Here's my opinion, which also appears in Adweek's comment section responding to the original article:

Brands -- and their advertising and PR agencies back in the stables -- need to really think things through before jumping on the Facebook, Twitter and other social media bandwagons. Various promotional tactics work for different types of B2C and B2B businesses, and may indeed share occasional overlap with each other's brands on some concepts when it comes to marketing.  Yet, we all must constantly remember that social media is not the one-size-fits answer to every marketing challenge.

Benjamin Palmer presents a strong case along these lines in, "Is Silence Golden?"  See the October 22, 2009 digital version of Adweek for Palmer's full story.


  1. I agree with you Janis. Brands should think things through before engaging in social media channels. It can be quite a scare when consumers start talking back ;-) You better be prepared.

    However, I can't think of any reason why businesses and brands shouldn't listen out to what's being said about them in social media channels. They can start by using tools like Twitter search or Google alerts to listen out to brand, product, category or even competitor names.

    By listening they will get a better idea of how and where they can best engage with their prospects and customers on the social web.

    ... & thanks for the comment on my blog Janet!

  2. Yes I do agree that it is essential in the social media arena that brands are always listening.

    To clarify, I DO think that both consumer and B2B brands need to constantly monitor all their target audiences' to track perceptions in every sector. And, social media (as well as other methods of market research and data collection) should be considered, including the possible controlled use of Twitter (and/or Facebook, etc). But brands might need to sometimes consider using social media for the express purpose of gathering information about their target markets, rather than utilize those same outlets for disseminating messaging to all those they need to be communicating with.