Friday, November 20, 2009

PRODUCT REVIEW - Fairytale Brownies, Proof That Dreams Really Can Come True

by Janis Brett Elspas
Note:  Inspiration for this blogpost comes as I savor another one of the scrumptious chocolate samples Fairytale Brownies sent me recently.

Before moving to California, I lived in Arizona, home state of Fairytale Brownies.  Recently, I heard that these gourmet chocolate morsels made in Phoenix  -- the same ones I'd ordered in gift boxes for years on the Internet for my mom who always raved about them -- had started selling retail for the first time on the West Coast in the Gelson's market about a mile from where I now live.  This was not lucky coincidence, it was a real-live fantasy come true.

This story gets increasingly better and tastier, too.  As I investigated further, I discovered not only that both Fairytale's original and walnut flavor brownies are now available in and around the Los Angeles metro area, but you can walk into any of 17 Gelson's markets throughout Southern California -- from Dana Point north to Westlake Village -- and buy either of these varieties in a one pound attractive ready-to-give tray or in 3 inch squares that are individually wrapped, reasonably priced at $9.99 and $2.39 respectively.

According to Alyssa Andrews, sales and public relations for Fairytale, the brand is already doing well in the L.A. area and it hopes that Gelson's will consider adding some of the other brownie flavors to add to the ones customers are already enjoying.  

The products now selling in Gelson's are pictured throughout this blogpost product review.  The brownie trays shown are perfect for bringing as a host/hostess gift for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and other holidays; they are also well-received presents for birthdays and all special occasions. Fairytale Brownies' individually wrapped squares are also an excellent option for those seeking one person servings and are perfect for popping into kids' lunch boxes and also for adults who'd like a special little indulgence for themselves or someone special.

Come to think of it, it's no surprise that Fairytale and Gelson's chose each other for this yummy partnership.  I've shopped at Gelson's before in my adopted city, and as already mentioned, have bought Fairytale Brownies by mail order, too.  Based on the actual taste test my family did of the line carried in Gelson's and those experiences, I can honestly say that both companies are committed to offering fine products that are not only reasonably-priced, but also backed by superior customer service, a rare combination in today's tough economic climate where others in-store and online are cutting back on quality, service, or both, to keep prices low.

And, to think the real-life Fairytale Brownies modern-day American success story all began much like this original fairytale ...

A Modern Brownie Fairytale* 

Once upon a time, just about 50 years ago in a town in Massachusetts, there lived a nice Jewish mother with her dear hubbie and children.

This busy balabusta asked for a friend's brownie recipe so she could make this treat for her own family.  As the story goes, the friend left out a single ingredient in the instructions so when mom made her first batch, it didn’t taste like the original recipe.  Mom kept experimenting to recreate her friend's rendition of this quintessential American treat.  After many attempts -- finally, lo and behold out of her oven popped the most magical brownies anyone had ever tasted or smelled.

As time passed, the family moved to Arizona but this didn't stop her from continuing to bake the recipe that she had finally perfected.  It wasn't long until she became known for miles around -- among kids and kid-like adults -- for the most delectable enchanted sweet delights one could imagine.   People came from near and far to enjoy these brownies, but it was her youngest child, a three-year old son, who loved them most.

Soon this young lad (pictured: David Kravetz at three years old in mom's kitchen) and a friend he played with on the school playground concocted a plan  -- perhaps inspired by the beloved classic Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory -- to one day build a giant brownie bakery.

All of a sudden there was a flash of a fairy's twinkling wand, then darkness.

"Don't be afraid," the fairy assured them.  "We've just been magically fast-forwarded ahead to modern time."

Before they knew it these kids were now grown-ups with a special childlike-affinity for brownies.  Then, slowly they realized together that the darkness before them was not really black and wasn't scary at all.  A familiar fragrance in the air warmed their senses and they saw a thick rich brown substance appear before their brightened eyes that was also chocolate-sweet in smell.  All of a sudden, both this pretty lady and handsome man were peeking into a giant mixing bowl filled almost to the brim with a fresh batch of batter that soon would be baked into brownies.

At that very moment, the two smiled in unison.  This was no dream, this was reality.  So, they both lived happily ever after, and so did Fairytale Brownies, the best-smelling business around.

*A Modern Brownie Fairytale, an original tale by Janis Brett Elspas of MommyBlogExpert, is based on the true story of Nancy and her son David Kravetz (pictured below, circa 1995), who along with his childhood friend Eileen Spitalny (pictured above, together in 1992), all had their fingers in the batter of the true story of how Fairytale Brownies arose like a phoenix in the desert -- in Phoenix, Arizona -- to become one of the most well-known businesses among brownie connoisseurs everywhere.

The complete line of Fairytale Brownies -- all made with imported Callebaut Chocolate from Belgium, creamery butter, farm fresh eggs, and other fresh ingredients that are free of preservatives -- are available for purchase online in a dozen different flavors on the company’s website.  An assortment of packaging arrangements are available exclusively online, including some with other tasty items such as coffee, presented in attractive gift baskets.

Select items are also available for retail purchase in Gelson's in Southern California, at Costco in the San Francisco Bay Area, at AJ's stores in Phoenix, Arizona, and various gourmet specialty markets in Florida, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia.  For information on purchasing at retail locations or to order  online visit Fairytale Brownies.  

For more on the Fairytale Brownies success story and an enchanting virtual tour of the real-life giant brownie baking factory in Arizona, watch this Food Network video clip on YouTube 

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FTC Disclosure:  For this taste test and product review, Fairytale Brownies provided MommyBlogExpert with the trays and individually wrapped brownies shown to the left.

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