Monday, December 21, 2009

In-House Social Media Director, Southern California


I'm not in the recruiting business, nor am I running an employment agency, but occasionally I hear of opportunities from friends in social media and public relations as I worked in the later field almost exclusively for most of my career until I started 

This job op is a great chance to build a cohesive social media strategy across a major corporation, so candidates must have knowledge and a track record in all aspects of social media ranging from the strategic use of all platforms to leveraging social media to reach/influence internal and external stakeholders to integrating social media into marketing and PR efforts.  

If you're interested in this opening please email your resume to  Qualified applicant's information will be forwarded by MommyBlogExpert to the company that is doing the search to fill this opening and then they will be in touch with you if they are interested. 

Please note:  MommyBlogExpert does not have any additional information about this job beyond what is included here, so if you would like to be considered, but you have questions and need more details, feel free to include them in a cover letter that you include with the required resume also attached.

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