Monday, February 1, 2010

The Marriage Manual - BOOK REVIEW

by Janis Brett Elspas

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The challenges of marriage date back to Adam and Eve, the world's first couple.  Just think: How different things might have been for all future generations had Eve and her mate not disagreed about whether to eat from the Tree of Knowledge!   

Fast forward to 2010 and modern day relationships.  If you really think about it, it's amazing how some things -- like the constant hard work of keeping your marriage strong -- haven't really changed much since that first pair of lovers began to build a home and life together.  The Marriage Manual, by BJ and Laurie Woodard (authors pictured here), presents a new twist to meet that ages-old challenge.

The essential beauty of The Marriage Manual is that it is short in length, yet it is heavy with solid, practical common sense advice.  This book is both for those considering marriage and for the many who are already married but who want to improve their relationships.  Simply written, it has an appeal to every socioeconomic group and is equally relevant to both newlyweds and those living out their Golden Years together. 

Remotely similar in approach to the popular but much longer book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus that was published almost 20 years ago, the Woodards' book sets up the opportunity to rise to the occasion for both men and women, paving the way to successful conversation, each using your unique "language" or communication style.  After all, as many of us who have ever been married can attest, holy matrimony is hard work that never ends.  Not only that, but wives and husbands are practically two different species when it comes to our likes and dislikes and the ways we express our hopes, concerns, and wishes with each other, so a little bit of advice from a book like this now and then can only help us.

In just under 65 pages the authors, who have been happily married for ten years, have created a handy guide that reveals the secrets to building the dream relationships both men and women seek.  Part 1 is aptly titled "It Is All About Me! How To Stay That Way." Yes, you've guessed right, the first part of the book are answers for her.  This is complemented by Part 2: "How to Get Lucky Again And Again" with (you're right again) guidelines for him to live by.  The Marriage Manual's suggestions for a fulfilling marriage are clearly quite different for men and women, ranging for example, from encouraging the ladies to show sincere interest in DH's sports or hobbies to advising men, on the other hand, to be more helpful around the house.

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