Friday, March 19, 2010

Mother Molly Barn Owl Hatching in San Marcos LIVE Webcam GOING VIRAL - Baby Owlets Likely To Be Born w/in 24-48 Hours

UPDATE as of March 22, 2010
The first egg hatched yesterday (Sunday) and the new owl has been named Max.  You can watch Mommy Owl feed her baby via the Webcam link below. The other 4 eggs have not hatched yet, but another owlet should be pipping out of his/her shell within the next 24-48 hours.

by Janis Brett Elspas

At least some of several of the five eggs in a Wild Barn Owl's Nest in San Marcos, California will likely by born some time between now and Sunday, MommyBlogExpert predicts.

Join the approximately 10,000 viewers currently online watching this natural event live simultaneously on Ustream. This broadcast is going viral quickly.

Just click on the arrow in the video window below to connect and start viewing this amazing LIVE WEBCAM 24/7 with educational closeup footage of Mommy Barn Owl as she sits on her nest, waiting for the eggs to hatch into baby owlets. They've had some live narrations and there will be more with the the man running this project, Carlos Royal, who is apparently an own enthusiast.

My kids are watching this almost constantly, because it's truly awesome.

Link to the Owl Box LIVE Webcam here

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