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Special Earth Day Fresh Beat Band TV Show on Nickelodeon Teaches Kids About Recycling

by Janis Brett Elspas

Right in time for the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day this Thursday, The Fresh Beat Band brings kids a fun and entertaining lesson about the hows and whys to recycling.   The upcoming FBB episode is part of Nickelodeon's full day of eco-friendly kid programming specials tomorrow.

After your kids watch "Bubble Blast," the brand new FBB episode that airs on Nickelodeon on April 22 at 12 noon ET/PT, they'll likely be dancing to the same drumming beat as this talented foursome, well on their way to helping to make our world a little more greener.  One of the most memorable scenes from that show is pictured above.
I can say this with some certainty because my kids and I were treated to a behind-the-scenes Fresh Beat Band kid-friendly tour at the studio in Hollywood, California last week.  Where we not only witnessed their working set, but also got to meet the cast and crew, and to see a sneak peek of the entire episode's final cut that Nickelodeon viewers everywhere will view on this Thursday.  If my own kids' (triplets plus one more born within a year) reactions are any indication -- I'm betting that your children will enjoy this week's show at least as much, if not more, than we did.
The Fresh Beat Band, pictured above left to right: Twist (in yellow, Jon Beavers), Kiki (on guitar, Yvette Gonzalez), Shout (orange sweater, Thomas Hobson), Marina (drums, Shayna Rose) Photo: Randee St. Nicholas/Nickelodeon

This wholesome program's target audience ranges from ages 3 to 8 years old, nevertheless my almost 13 year-olds and their 14 year-old big brother loved this episode.  BTW, This mom sheepishly admits that she thought it was kinda fun to watch too!  That should tell you that this is something your little ones and possibly the older kids -- maybe even you kid-at-heart parents -- might really enjoy watching together as a family.

In this week's performance it's Clean & Green Day on Main Street in The Fresh Beat Band's  hometown.  Shout, the group's resident class clown, is rumbling and bumbling around as he always seems to be doing.  At the start of the show Shout is a tad bit too eager to finish cleaning so the band can play some music together instead.  Here, in this Nickelodeon photo of actor Thomas Hobson, you see Shout in his trademark orange sweater at the keyboard.  Trivia: Thomas attended Yale University, performing in the lead roles of several of Ivy's undergrad and grad productions.

As the opening scene progresses, Shout and the other members of the band and the townspeople begin to sing, dance and clean up as they cheerfully toss about the familiar white and blue logo bins that are used to recycle paper.  Things are going unbelievably smoothly at first.  But, one thing leads to another and after Shout over stuffs the giant paper recycling bin, it explodes scattering a ticker tape parade kind of mess everywhere.  Then, things go really, hilariously haywire.

If you don't believe me, take a look at this rip-roaring street-cleaning FBB sequence 

Fresh Beat Band
"Bubble Blast"
from NickPress on Vimeo.

Just in the nick (pun intended) of time, Twist, the band member who always seems to be the one coming up with bright ideas, has another flashing light bulb moment.  In the blink of an eye, the girls and guys in the band build a magical cleaning machine that also plays music.  Mind you, this is no ordinary tune-tooting street sweeper -- this is the biggest bubble-blowing, music-playing cleaning contraption ever, made from flute, clarinet, horn, and other spare instrument parts.  It's amazing ... Until that behemoth of an invention goes out of control, too.

Now, this, you really have to see. Watch this clip.  I dare you not to laugh.

Clip from The Fresh Beat Band "Bubble
from NickPress on
This Fresh Beat Band episode is eco edutainment at its finest.  You and your kids are going to be amused when you see this particular show, to put it mildly, as well as launch into your own song and dance as your family gets into the groove about saving our planet by actively pitching in and recycling.

Have your kids watch The Fresh Beat Band's April 22 broadcast on Nickelodeon at 12 noon ET/PT -- this is the kind of fun show with a message that moms and dads will approve of.

The Fresh Beat Band, LIVE in a Kids Concert This Weekend - FREE
If your family is lucky enough to be in Southern California this weekend, definitely consider coming out to see the FBB's free live performances Saturday and Sunday, April 24 and 25, at the 2010 L.A. Times Festival of Books - Target Children's Stage at UCLA.

About The Fresh Beat Band
The Fresh Beat Band, airs weekdays on Nickelodeon, regularly at 1:30 p.m. ET/PT
This kids' program is the brain-child of co-creators Nadine Van Der Velde and Scott Kraft, a husband-wife team raising two daughters of their own: Bea and Gabi.  This duo, two parents who sincerely advocate for appropriate programming for youngsters, also serve as the project's executive producers.

Filmed on the lot at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California, this show features a brilliant cast including:  Kiki (Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer), Twist (Jon Beavers), Marina (Shayna Rose), and fall guy Shout (Thomas Hobson), all who do comedy, acting, dancing, singing and playing of musical instruments in each episode.  FBB, which brings a different but important message to kids in each week's episode, is presently in production on their second season. The band's first two singles -- "Great Day" and "The Fresh Beat Band Theme Song" -- are currently on iTunes.

Stop by the show's official website on 24/7 for lots of fun activities you and your kids can do online together, like desktop wall paper downloads, arts & craft ideas, coloring pages, themed recipes, videos and more.

FTC Disclosure:  For this story and several other related posts, MommyBlogExpert and family were invited to a behind-the-scenes tour event at Paramount Studios where The Fresh Beat Band is filmed as well as received the opportunity to view an advanced copy of the final cut of FBB's "Bubble Blast" episode.  We further disclose that we received autographed pictures of the cast, coloring pages, and stickers on set.  However, MommyBlogExpert and family did not receive any payment or other compensation to write this review.  See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.    

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