Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nature Rocks FREE National Spring Activity Guide for Families to Get Outside & Explore - BOOK REVIEW

by Janis Brett Elspas

The picture below of my triplets some years back shows that enjoying nature can bring real joy to a family's life.  Here, the kids are quite delighted to discover a neighbor's flower garden, just footsteps beyond our front door! 

Nature Rocks is a national program to inspire and empower families to play and explore in nature. Their mission is to make it easy for families, parents, and kids to have fun in nature, and connect with others to do the same and to see for themselves how much Nature Rocks. As the organization espouses on their website, "Kids will be happier, healthier and smarter, and besides, it is generally free and a rockin’ way to create and share fun quality family time."
With all the suggestions in this down loadable Nature Rocks FREE Spring Activity Guide (look for the PDF download in the upper right hand corner of Nature Rock's site), the whole family can get back to nature.  Ideas provided include a variety of things young and old can do in the great outdoors together that are close by with many activities and short trips of 30 minutes, one hour, half day and full day suggested.  Here you will literally find something to do in any kind of weather -- whether it's foggy, windy, raining, hailing, sunny, warm, or roasting hot.

Nature Rocks was founded by the Children & Nature Network and ecoAmerica, and has been brought to life through partnerships with The Nature Conservancy, REI, the Flora Family Foundation, and American Camp Association, all of whom provide funding and/or in-kind support.

Nature Rocks is just one of the many eco-friendly ways parents can see nature through your child's eyes.  Look for other good to the Earth blogposts on this blog wherever you see the MommyBlogExpert Eco-Friendly Blogpost icon.

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