Sunday, May 16, 2010

Procter & Gamble's Pampers and Mommy & Daddy Bloggers Are At Odds

by Janis Brett Elspas

After reading the story on by Burt Helm published Friday Procter & Gamble in Bind Over Moms’ Web Attack on Pampers Brand it's my personal guess that this controversy is just starting to heat up and has yet to reach its peak.

But let me not get ahead of myself.  If you have not already heard, this should bring you up to date: a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's investigation began on May 3 in follow up to consumer complaints that Pampers Swaddler and Cruisers with Dry Max,  new to the P&G die-tee line up, causes rashes and chemical burns.  Procter & Gamble continues to deny these claims and is at odds with the potential image-damage that blogging parents -- both moms and dads -- might be able to cause through their demands for a Pampers recall.

Pictured here:
My own triplets some years ago wearing Pampers Diapers, which we never had a problem with personally, when they were just a few months old.  At the time my DH and I were changing 8 diapers per day.  With 4 kids in diapers at once (our oldest was only 1 when his younger sibs arrived) we were changing 32+ diapers per day, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert since we were buying multiple cases of diapers that we stored in our "diaper warehouse" in the garage.

Apparently many other babies since ours have worn Pampers without any side effects, too.  The chatter on both Twitter and Facebook, though, seems to be lively right now, and the winds may be changing direction.  Now there are various fan and like pages on Facebook advocating accountability on P&G's part including a group called Pampers Bring Back the Old Cruisers/Swaddlers which currently has 9,169 followers.  Also, the like page on Facebook that was set up just 8 days ago called Recall Pampers Dry Max Diapers has 861 followers as of the time this post went live, having picked up hundreds of more parents speaking out just since Friday alone.   There appears to be a building awareness about the issues now at hand on Twitter, especially among moms who blog, too.

I just don't get it. While my kids are now tweens, and we are well-past the diaper stage, I have to say I would definitely not be buying this brand until all the facts are in and would not wait for a product recall which may or may not be on the horizon.  If there is even a small amount of potential danger, I wouldn't want to take a chance if my kids were still in diapers since there are so many other brands of disposable diapers to choose from, not to mention cloth diapers which are actually much more eco-friendly and increasing in popularity.

What do you think?  If you are still using diapers, does the Pampers with Dry Max controversy scare you? Or do you think this is a bunch of nonsense and you aregoing on with "business as usual" and continuing to use the product any way?

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  1. I don't purchase pampers due to the high price lately and my son is just about ready to kick diapers - but my son wore pampers preemie size, no issues. But with my daughter she got rashes bad with both pampers and huggies so we switched to a cheaper store brand and the rashes left...makes you think when things like this dry max controversy pop up.

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