Thursday, June 24, 2010

FREE Eli's Cheesecake THIS SATURDAY June 26, 2010 - 30th Birthday Celebration 
Wishes Eli's Cheesecake a Very Special 30th Birthday!!!

The Band from TV, along with other personas, will be helping celebrate the 30th anniversary of Eli's Cheesecake THIS WEEKEND in Chicago and they're inviting the public to help celebrate.  

I wish I could be there to celebrate myself, but unfortunately I'll be on the West Coast.  What I can do is tell you how delicious Eli's specialty desserts are because my family and I have tasted these on numerous occasions and I've blogged about the brand before here and here

My kids (triplets plus one more born within a year) and I visited the factory some summers ago and we each tried a slice in a different cheesecake flavor after the tour, plus Eli's very nice president, Marc Schulman, sent us home on the plane with a huge chocolate and peanut butter cheese cake packed in dry ice.  So I can say that every kind we tried related to that trip was just awesome.  I still can't find the family photos from that visit, but I do intend to write an entire blogpost about that experience when I do.

If you're local to the corporate office in Chicago this weekend, be sure to visit Eli's on Saturday at Buckingham Fountain, 1:00pm, for a FREE slice of their mouthwatering 2,000 lb. cheesecake!  

Pictured above is Eli's Candy Crazy Cheesecake Sampler.  It's a good thing they sell all their cakes online and air ship with dry ice to customers so even those of you who've never been to Chicago can still experience it first-hand.  My own family hasn't tried this particular variety ourselves yet, but it looks absolutely scrumptious and I have no doubt it will taste even better.

Helping celebrate the company's milestone this Saturday are some very special guest cake cutters from  The Band From TV
  • James Denton (ABC's "Desperate Housewives")
  • Greg Grunberg (NBC's "Heroes" and "Love Bites")
  • Jessie Spencer (Fox's "House") 
  • Bob Guiney ("The Bachelor" and daily host of GSN)
  • Adrian Pasdar ("Heroes", "Desperate Housewives")
  • Scott Grimes ("American Dad", "ER" and "Robin Hood")
All these celebrities will join Eli’s son and company President, Marc Schulman, as well as other VIPs in a round of “Happy Birthday” and will be on hand to cut the super-sized treat which will be served FREE to the public.

Chicago, Illinois
Saturday, June 26, 1:00pm
Buckingham Fountain

(southeast corner)
FREE Event

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