Monday, September 20, 2010

Eco Friendly Cleaning Tools That Truly Have Come Full Circle - Product Review

by Janis Brett Elspas

For years,  individuals like actor turned environmentalist and author Ed Begley have been professing about the green home lifestyle.   Thankfully, partially as a result of such activists, eco friendly green cleaning supplies without harmful chemicals are getting easier to find and progressively, more affordable to buy.

Now, as a new generation embraces the cause to save our planet, still more innovations have emerged.  A case in point is Full Circle Home, a New York company co-founded by two young people, Heather Tomasetti and Tal Chitayat, which now is successfully marketing a new category of green, stylish and functional tools for housekeeping unlike any seen before.

Answering consumer demand for cleaning tools that are not only eco-friendly, but quality-made, functional and good looking too, Full Circle offers a comprehensive line of products made from sustainable and renewable resources, ranging from natural bristle blend scrub brushes and plant-based fiber sponges -- both with sleek, bamboo handles -- to pot scrubbers that fully biodegrade.  Currently, the company's ecologically responsible household products include 17 different cleaning brushes, sponges and cloths plus -- added just recently -- several make your own natural cleaning solution kits.  

One of the more unique things about these eco household products is that the consumable parts of the brand's scrub brushes (both the sponge and bristle types) are easily removed and fully replaceable.   In the photo here you see my personal favorite Full Circle Home Tool: the Suds Up Dish Brush with removable head.  I just love the way this feels in my hand when doing dishes.  What's more is that like all the other handle products it is made with Bonterra, an earth friendly plant-based plastic.

Considering in the US alone that if just one plastic scrub brush per household gets thrown out every year, that’s an estimated 120 million brushes ending up in our land fills that will take more than 1000 years before they start to break down.  Another important point:  Full Circle products' handles are made with bamboo, an easy and fast to grow plant, and that other parts of their tools are composed of naturally occurring, renewable resources such as cellulose and loofah -- all of which will fully biodegrade.

After trying each of the tools pictured in this post in our kitchen and around the house, I have to admit that I was quite surprised that these hip, modern-looking products actually did a superior job cleaning.  That's even when I compared them to similar, yet more utilitarian household helpers I had previously relied on.   Following these at-home product tests, I was equally floored (no pun intended) that the suggested retail prices of all the Full Circle Home products I tried are affordably priced, ranging from just $3.99 to $9.99 per item.  Better yet, shipping is always free, whether one product from them or many, if you buy direct.

Full Circle Home products have been receiving a lot of buzz lately, including mentions or accolades by high circulation media such as All You Magazine, Woman's Day, and Martha Stewart's Home Design blog -- among others.  After experiencing the line myself, all the exposure this green company has gotten lately makes perfect sense.  All Full Circle products are widely available direct from the brand's website as well as at stores nationwide.

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What are you doing in your own home to live greener today for an even greener tomorrow for your kids?  I encourage you to leave a comment and share what matters most to you.

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review! I'm glad you enjoy using the products as much as we do! I'd be happy to answer any product questions your readers have as well.

    Full Circle

  2. Heather, So glad you are as pleased with this informative product review as I am with using your company's innovative household tools. It's so good to know that there are products out there that can make my job of cleaning much easier. I look forward to teaching my kids how to clean with them too!

  3. Hi Janis. Glad to know the information that you are providing on your blog. The tools are cheaper and the fact is it's eco-friendly. Good thing your sharing this online to let the world know.

    Your goal and my goal is the same. To save our planet.

  4. Hi! are these items available in Walmart?
    Walmart is the nearest store where i live in. Nice to have eco-friendly tools which i know can help preserve the earth.

    Hoping for your response.

  5. I didn't see these at my Walmart but I found the Full Circle eco friendly cleaning products at This is so much more convenient than going from store to store. The prices here are pretty inexpensive too!

  6. comment to the anonymous...

    That Eco Direct Store is pretty cool. They have tons of eco stuff all in one place. It's cheaper than at Whole foods.

  7. If you can't find these at your store of choice, these products can all be purchased online direct from Full Circle online. I believe their shipping prices are reasonable too.

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