Monday, October 11, 2010

Best FREE Easy, Creative, and Inexpensive DIY Family-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids & Adults

Pictured at left is Martha Stewart's Gray Lady Costume. See below for directions and link to this creative project.

Make sure you leave a comment below this post. What will you or your kids be dressing up as this year?  Better yet, if you have a great family-friendly costume idea to share, feel free to leave a brief description with link, if available, in the comment box.

Want to be original this Halloween but don't think you are crafty enough?

You'll think again and maybe even give it a try after you've heard about all the wonderful, new, and EASY ideas I've found that even the most creatively-challenged among us can tackle.  Older kids and teens might be able to make their own ghoulish and wacky get-ups without any help from mom or dad, too with the ideas here, too.

Last weekend Michaels held a free in-store demo showing how to make kids costumes using Duck Tape.  But, if you missed that free event, have no fear because MommyBlogExpert has unburied some great online how-tos that you can check out from your computer at home at your leisure.

Up first is the no-sew to die-for Gray Lady Costume by Martha Stewart you see featured at the top of this post which might be fun for teens or adults.  You can find full directions for this costume as well as a variety of Martha's Family-Friendly Costumes HERE

Not the intensely silent one? Then, how about this easy to sew very loud and whimsical Pizza Costume from Family Fun?  I bet this is one outfit that will be a home run for sure, whether it's worn trick or treating or to the Halloween Ball.  Very original.  When was the last time you saw a slice of pizza walking around anyway?

Photo from Sewing.Org

There's no easier costume than this one. Buy a plastic crown for your child or make one by gluing some sparkling faux gems on some metallic posterboard.  Then, make this incredibly Easy to Sew Cape for your little king, queen, prince, or princess with the FREE pattern/directions provided by 

FREE Quick & Easy Costume Make and Take Project at Michaels on October 26, 2010  Details Here

Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg reflecting the abundance of FREE costume ideas this season out there that are available for the taking.  I'll be adding more costume inspiration as the month wears on, so definitely bookmark this page now.

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