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Creative Eco-Friendly Halloween DIY Craft Ideas for Kids & Families

If you're concerned about the environment, why not carry that theme through with every holiday you celebrate?  Just think of the great earth-responsible message you will be sending to your kids when you help them make some of the green creations featured in this Goblin Day post.
MommyBlogExpert's kids pose in the kid-friendly pumpkin patch
at classic roadstop Gilroy's Casa de Fruita in Northern California
Vintage Photo by Janis Brett Elspas

For starters, how about this original MommyBlogExpert idea that uses the whole pumpkin when carving your Jack-o-lantern?

Here's how ensure your pumpkin is 100% earth-friendly:

1. Carve pumpkin as you normally would do.

2. Carefully remove the guts from inside, separating the stringy pulp from the pumpkin seeds.

3. Rinse off the seeds with tap water and leave out in single layer on paper towels to air dry completely.

4. After you've confirmed that your type of pumpkin has edible seeds you can easily roast these by laying them out in a single layer on a cookie sheet, then baking at 300 degree oven for about 40-50 mins. Watch them carefully to avoid burning & allow them to cool completely before eating. Note: You can toss them in a little melted margarine, butter, and/or salt if you like before baking. As a matter of fact you can even sprinkle them with a favorite spice such as chili powder if you want. 

5. Wait -- Don't throw that yucky pulp out! Instead toss it in your composter or if you don't have one of those, throw this biodegradable source of nutrients in the garden outside or indoors in your potted plants.

6. Last but not least, when you are done enjoying your artistic carved sculpture, compost the entire Jack-o-lantern or shred it with a vegetable grater and feed it to your plants inside or out.

Now for some more Green Halloween Ideas:

It's hard to believe that the Halloween wreath pictured on their site was made with recycled brown paper grocery bags.  Get the easy and FREE downloadable directions and the patterns to cut out all the shapes and make this project on their site now.

Next is an idea that's not only frugal but also eco-friendly: creating a Trick-or-Treat Bag out of a large, empty cardboard oatmeal canister (or similar clean cardboard box).  Check out for the simple directions to make this project here

Kiwi Magazine's October/November 2010 issue has an excellent not to be missed feature story showing kids how to make everything you need green for Halloween (hey the rhymes) -- from costumes, treats and crafts to decorations and more.   For example, one idea is to make a garland of pumpkins with shapes cut out of used cereal boxes that your child can then color or paint. Get full directions for this as well as some really clever DIY costumes -- the beekeeper and mad scientist get-ups look particularly cool I think -- on Kiwi's website here

You can also make Halloween crafts and decorations with a lot the things you normally would throw out: tin cans, jars, toilet paper rolls, etc.  Check out this idea and see how to make it plus get some inspiration for 7 more eco-friendly ideas at

Enter an Eco-Friendly Halloween Contest, Too
Though this is a contest not a craft wanted to share it with you since it's so eco-responsible. is running a really green contest.  For this one, the Best Recycled Costume Wins!  Upload your photos to their Facebook page here

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