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Natural Coconut Juice - A Healthful, Refreshing Beverage for Kids, Teens & Parents

Coconut Trees Accent My Daughters' Birthday Cake
Photo by Janis Brett Elspas, MommyBlogExpert

Prior to receiving samples of Amy & Brian's drinks (pictured below) my kids, hubbie, and I only had tasted the more familiar coconut milk.  I hadn't even realized until then that there was a difference between coconut juice and coconut milk.  I mean, really, aren't these two both the same coconut "juice" many of us know and love?

The Amy & Brian All Natural Coconut Juice Varieties We Tried
Photo by Janis Brett Elspas, MommyBlogExpert
As I learned, there is quite a difference indeed.  It turns out that coconut juice -- like the kind Amy & Brian's markets which is produced in Thailand -- comes from the pure water of green coconuts younger than 9 months in age.  This type of juice, which is clear in color, none of us had ever tried before.  

Conversely, coconut milk my family has enjoyed on many occasions.  We've drunk this straight as well as I've used it in Thai cooking and have often mixed it into Pina Colada drinks.  Unlike coconut juice, coconut milk is from expressed juice of mature coconuts mixed with water.  While the latter may be tastier and also nutritious in some aspects, the problem with coconut milk is that it also much higher in calories, sugars, and fats.

Four short years since Amy & Brian launched the first product, this innovative health drink has been covered by an eclectic variety of media ranging from Teen Vogue and Vegetarian Baby & Child to Gourmet Retailer Magazine and Tutti Foodie.  

This wide reaching sort of media attention is likely due -- at least in part -- to the claim that Amy & Brian's Coconut Juice is a natural isotonic beverage that is high in potassium (equivalent to a banana) and other electrolytes.  This quickly absorbs into the body as it resembles plasma in its salt concentration.  Not only that, this juice is lower in natural sugar and calories when compared not only with coconut milk but with most other popular fruit juices.  All these attributes make it a great choice for drinking by both in-active and physically active kids and adults.

Daddy & Daughter During Our Tasting
Photo by Janis Brett Elspas, MommyBlogExpert

What Did Our Family Think?
Last evening, our family and a good friend sat down for a taste test to compare Amy & Brian's three All Natural Coconut Juices Regular (Plain),  With Lime, and With Pulp. All three adults and three of our four kids tried each of the company's three juice products.

What an interesting assortment of observations and sometimes surprising comments were expressed by both the kid and adult tasters around our table.

  • The lime flavoring could be cut by half.  Otherwise, these are really good for my lifestyle since I like to run and work out at the gym.  I liked all three types that I tried.  Daddy

  • Though the lime variety was good, the drink without pulp or flavor tasted bland and watery and reminded me of the Pedialyte I once tasted before giving it to my baby triplets when they were sick. Mommy

  • This is really delicious. It's clear and nice and light, fresh and healthy-tasting.  Family Friend

  • The lime was a little too "limey" for me.  Why don't they make a Pulp with Lime variety? I've got an idea, they should come out with a Punch flavored coconut juice.  That sounds weird -- I'm not even going to try it.  Assorted Kid Reactions

Amy & Brian All Natural Coconut Juices, available in three varieties, retail for approximately $1.79 per 17.5 oz can and are sold through natural, specialty, and beverage distributors nationwide.  The products are widely available at retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Earth Fare, Vitamin Cottage, Shaw’s Supermarkets, Ralphs and hundreds of natural and specialty food stores, as well as online at

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