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Teen Girls Trending Into Fall & Winter in Style - A Post Written by a Teen for Other Teen Girls

by Guest Columnist
Mini MommyBlogExpert, age 13
Daughter of MommyBlogExpert

Mini MommyBlogExpert, in the Know About Fashion for Fall & Winter
On location at The Grove in Los Angeles
Photo by Janis Brett-Elspas,

There’s a new trend out there in the world of fashion for Fall/Winter 2010/2011 -- it's all about COZY sweaters and long skirts.

Since fall is already here and winter will arrive before you know it, make sure you’re all warm and toasty as the leaves change color and the snow begins to fall.  That means you: teens and tweens! 

Fall does mean that school is now in session.  But, not to worry, there’s more relaxation ahead because it’s about to get chilly outside.  That calls for much more time indoors to indulge in steaming hot chocolate with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top to celebrate the season.  It also means doubling up the blankets, watching more rented movies, and eating extra popcorn.

I consider it pre-winter right now.  Though winter is still more than a month away it's a kind of time to warm up fashion-wise before the temperatures drop to their coldest of the year.  Your fave stores are already stocked up with this season’s trends, so it’s a great time to be snapping up the best warm and fuzzy skirts and sweaters on the racks right now at your favorite boutiques, department stores, and outlets.  Don't overlook shopping online, either, as there are great deals on sites like Zulily which specializes in trendy up and coming designs for moms and youth at incredibly discounted prices.

My Mom & Her Garden's Harvest in 1960s Fall "Fashion"
Photo by Mini MommyBlogExpert's Grandfather

Now, on to the FUN part!  I love fashion -- what teenage girl doesn't?  Mostly it’s because you don’t have to wear the same thing all year-round.  Each season has it’s own style and things are constantly changing to keep it up-to-date and interesting.  

Spring is for flowery dresses and floppy hats, summer is for cute bikinis and trendy flop-flops, winter is for overcoats and mittens, and, of course, fall this year is all about snuggly sweaters and the most sophisticated and feminine skirts.  I just love talking about this because it makes me feel so happy and cozy, too.  Also, since I have always been a modest dresser I am thrilled that this season’s must-buys are in line with my lifestyle.

But in recent seasons, I’ve noticed a big fashion problem.  Many young women feel the only way that they can be up-to-the-minute is if they wear clothes that are itchy, too tight, uncomfortable, or all of the above, just to be classy.  This runs contrary to my own approach.  We spend so much time wearing clothes, that I think fashion should always be equally comfortable and stylish.

My sister (right) and I Before an Expert Ski Run last Winter
On location at Mammoth Mountain, California
Photo by Janis Brett Elspas,

This month you can find many things that are comfortable and trendy, like sweaters.  They come in what seems like an endless array of designs and styles and in sizes that will fit everyone. Try on some of the season’s skirts, too, in your size.  Once you do, with a good fit, you’ll feel super comfy in a style you absolutely love and will feel as happy as can be.  Knee-length to ankle-length, these skirts are the height of all fashion.  They’re so cute, and very stylish too.

There are many places to shop for both cute and affordable clothes all year.  But these fall (and soon to be winter) fashion trends are among my favorites.  So, if you’re like me, go out there and earn some money so you can be the trendiest girl you can this season.  You might even consider begging your parents to lend you money.  Tip -- ask your dad, not your mom.  Dad’s are much more likely to give you money to spend on clothes.  It’s the totally quicker way to be fashion-forward, if you ask me.  

So, get ready to go shopping and hit those stores as soon as you can earn or borrow (or keep without paying back) enough money to buy a few new outfits.  From Arden B, H&M, and Nordstrom to Banana Republic and Forever 21, you never know what you'll discover. 

Oh...Did I mention that my Daddy took several of my friends and me shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles yesterday?

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  1. It must be fun to have a daughter your age because most of these issues don't come up very often when you have a son!!!! Very good pic with the shades!