Sunday, December 12, 2010

Her Interactive's 80th Anniversary Nancy Drew Contest - What female inspires you and why?

Here's your chance to win this gorgeous vintage style Nancy Drew leather business card holder by Alicia Klein, valued at $55.  Contest ends 1/31/2011

This contest celebrating 80 years of Nancy Drew is sponsored by Her Interactive in conjunction with the recent MommyBlogExpert review on Her Interactive's latest game Nancy Drew - Shadow at the Water's Edge.
Nancy Drew continues to inspire women one generation to the next.  Countless women celebrities and elected officials, and every day women (both career-oriented and stay-at-home moms) were inspired by Nancy in their own youths and lives.

Who inspires you, your daughter, grandaughter, or niece?  Is it Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, young actress Taylor Swift, seasoned thespian Gweneth Paltrow, or an uber successful entrepreneur like Martha Stewart?  Or is it some other public female figure that motivates you?

The winning entry will be selected by Megan Gaiser, CEO of Her Interactive, who will choose the best comment below this post based on content and clarity. 

This giveaway, which is hosted by MommyBlogExpert and sponsored by Her Interactive, is open to legal U.S. residents only.   See details below.  Contest ends January 31, 2011 at 11:59 PST. 

How to Enter - Follow these simple steps

1.  Leave a brief comment (100 words or less) telling which female inspires you and why.  Remember to include your email address or Twitter contact info with your comment(s) so that we may reach the winner.

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Stacy said...

My step-mom inspires me. When I was a kid i thought she was such an awful person, but as an adult I admire her so much. She has had to put up with so much from her first husband and then her bratty step-children and she did it all with grace and wit.

Crystal said...

It isn't particularly one woman, but a few. The women from my great grandmother's generation, my husband's grandmother, and other women I've yet to meet. Women who waste nothing, make so much from so little and are still loving wives, unbeatable mothers, and darling friends. They've taught me so much and I can only hope to leave such a cherished legacy. Don't get me wrong, I am a modern woman, but it is the values I love. Compassion is a beautiful thing to share, and I hope that I also do.

mrsairmanpetty at gmail dot com

Mandy W. said...

I have had different woman inspire me though my life. A lady in the church when I was a teenager helped be become more serene and humble.
Reading the biographies of Hillary Clinton, Madilyn Albright and Florence Nightengale have all impacted me.
I also love Nancy Drew!

Amber said...
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Amber said...

My mom inspires me because she taught me the meaning of love, sacrifice, determination and faith. When she came to the US, she had nothing but hope for a better future. Only now can I understand the courage it took for her to leave all of her friends and family behind. Even though she has only a an elementary school education, she taught herself English and successfully started her own small business. More than anything, I know my mom's love for me is unconditional and this inspires me to be the best person I can be.

I follow both of you on Twitter (I'm @AmberGoo) and like both of you on Facebook (My FB name is Amanda Moore) and I tweeted about this giveaway:
Thank you for the giveaway :)

Kim said...

I am inspired by my grandma who has overcome great obstacles to become a wonderful mentor and loving person.

MJ said...

I have been inspired by many women, from family and friends to public figures. Different women speak to me at different stages of my life. Right now, as a mother I am inspired by my sister-in-law- she is mom to two autistic kids who cannot speak. Not only is she a fighter for those kids, she is fighting for the second time to get legislation passed in our state to help all families with kids with learning disabilities. She is a tireless advocate and support for many families while holding her own together. I wish I could be like her when I grow up!


cpage2323 said...

My children's Great Aunt Cnnie inspires me. She is in her 80s now, but still just learned how to kayak about 5 years ago. She goes to Japan every year to visit temples and still takes classes when in the States on Japanese art. She is a children's author and illustrator and has a beautiful outlook on life. I can only hope to be such an amazing woman when I reach her age....and i feel blessed my children have her as a woman to emulate as they grow older!
trixie420247 at yahoo dot com

cpage2323 said...

i follow both on fb(tina wofford page) and both on tiwtter(@trixie420247)
trixie420247 at yahoo dot com

cpage2323 said...

trixie420247 at yahoo dot com
(sorry i did not leave these all in one post. I guess I did not read correctly originally.)

Lagean Ellis said...

My Grandma Bonnie was always my biggest inspiration. She had many lessons to teach about life, family and GOD. Lessons that stay with you for a lifetime.

Lagean Ellis said...

Follow both on Facebook and Twitter. I also tweeted: @SereneMoments!/SereneMoments/status/25050527532326912

linda of las vegas said...

really a wonderful post! i do not know how to tweet but i'll say that my friend, av, goes on enjoying life and creating adventures every day despite a long bout with cancer; i want to honor her here!

Nance Meyer said...

Nancy Drew is a great fictional inspiration, especially since my name is Nancy :)

But my real-life inspirations are my mom, grandmother, a few women in the field of education that have been my trainers and have led seminars I've attended. I'm also inspired by Tina Fey, Martha Stewart, Suzanne Collins, & JK Rowling.

Lesli said...

My mom is my inspiration. She taught me how to love, she taught me to appreciate education, she taught me how to be a good person. She tried to teach me to cook - but it didn't work - lol. She is an amazingly strong and independent woman with a great sense of humor.

littleumbrella (at) att (dot) net

Lesli said...

I Follow MommyBlogExpert on Twitter and Facebook
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Lesli said...


littleumbrella (at) att (dot) net

guettel78 said...

I've always admired and been inspired by Queen Noor of Jordan for being a strong, well-spoken, and compassionate advocate for peace and democracy around the world. She's a gentle but powerful presence, and her words never fail to cut to the core issues of our common humanity and desire for a peaceful world. Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

guettel78 said...

I'm following MommyBlogExpert and Her Interactive on Twitter (@guettel78) and Facebook (Geoff K).

guettel78 said...

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Ms. Candice said...

I think Ellen DeGeneres is inspiring. She is a beautiful and successful middle aged woman. I also have plenty of friends in my life who inspire me as strong, classy ladies!

candicebroom ta gmail tod com

JudyZ said...

I'm inspired by my mother. She's 89 and always busy. She sculpts, takes lessons in Japanese brushstrokes. She attends seminars, discussions and anything else she can do to keep busy. She's awesome!

JudyZ said...

I follow MommyBlogExpert on twitter- @potlicker26
and on Facebook- Nan Bushansky

Kitty Cardero said...

My Mother and Grandmothers are my inspirations. All 3 had very tough issues to deal with in their lives but where able to stay loving, strong and, most of all, independent. They were great role models for me growing up and I am still learning from all 3 of them.

Kitty Cardero said...

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Kitty Cardero said...


Melissa B. said...

I am inspired by Lora Croft. She's strong, independent and can totally kick butt. I'm the complete opposite.

Unknown said...

My sister. She has taken the lemons of having a disabled child and has made lemonade of the situation. She also often is helping others instead of just being so tied up in her own situation.
merrytoes79 at hotmail dot com

susansmoaks said...

my mother inspires me, she is always helping others and she always has a cheerful attitude
susansmoaks at gmail dot com

Sand said...

My Grandmother inspired me. She had the insight to walk away from an abuse marriage in the 50's and raised my mom and my aunt to be successful women.

Charlene Kuser said...

Nancy Grace inspires me.She is a advocate for
missing and abused children.Her show alone has
helped locate many kids nationwide and has found justice for those that have been abused.I
applaud her efforts to help those in need and
their families


Unknown said...

My mother inspired me. She raised me and my eight sisters as a single parent.

Charlene Kuser said...

Following both on Twitter (@Swtlilchick)
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Charlene Kuser said...

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