Friday, December 17, 2010

My Best Experience of Giving a Holiday Gift


Learning from A Bad Teen Shopping Experience

Giving holiday gifts can be dicey if you don't know your audience. This is true, for sure, especially if you are buying gifts for teenagers during the holiday season or other special occasions throughout the year.

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I found that out myself at Hanukkah this year when I bought my girls(triplets, age 13) several outfits online that were non-returnable. Long story short is that these rather discriminating teenagers HATED what I chose for them even though I was sure they were going to be thrilled.
Now they're refusing to wearanythingI bought them without their pre-approval. So I've decided to lighten up and give these unworn clothing items away. I'm also going to be giving all four of our kids (all teens) gift cards from now on instead.

Now let me tell you about my best gift giving experience: it's what I've learned from this fiasco I've just told you about.  The take away is that when you want to give a gift that they'll love, you probably shouldn't guess what your teenagers will like.

As anyone with teens knows, this fickle bunch of adolescents likes and dislikes vary hour to hour. I have already bought my girls each gift cards to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and they are thrilled -- so this later experience has turned out to be the BEST shopping tactic I've ever tried.  But to even the score, I still need to get gift cards for both my boys too.

With all the gift cards I'll now be buying as gifts and well as all the ones I have laying around, it's lucky there's a new app called SWAGG.This just launched app lets you shop smarter and in my case (saner and happier too) using your mobile phone. With this you can easily buy, send or swap gifts and organize all those so-yesterday plastic gift cards you might have in your purse, junk drawer, dresser, and who knows where else.

To use this new little wonder of a shopping tool all you do is bring your mobile hand-held with you to the store and show the Swagg info on your phone to the sales clerk at checkout. You can use this online, too. Without a question this is a great way to get all those bulky cards into a neat digital file that goes everywhere with you.

I know I have a horde of plastic gift credits myself -- here, there, and every where -- that I'm going to upload to my iPhone as soon as I can find them.  And, since I still have a lot of shopping to do between now and January I'd better find them quick and enter them all into SWAGG so I can finishing making all my planned purchases.

This app is a breeze to learn even for tech-challenged moms like me if you watch their Demo Video before you dive into the handy life saver of an application which really helped me get up and running in a few minutes. If you are a tech genius (most kids under 40 these days are) you can just start using this without any ramp up time at all.

I know I'm going to be in gift card heaven with SWAGG always standing by like a good friend to get me through the holiday buying season. If you'd like to streamline your life and make it less stressful, you might want to give this a try too.

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