Wednesday, December 8, 2010

When Is Hanukkah This Year? A Rock Video on YouTube by Melee for Teen Jews & Non-Jews Alike

Though those who celebrate this Jewish holiday will be lighting the last candle of the 8-night fete of Chanukah tonight, I loved this YouTube and wanted to share with you.  Hopefully this will enhance everyone's celebrations of all races and creeds.

Christmas always falls on the 25th of December so everyone knows when it is, both those who celebrate it and those who don't. Conversely, Hanukkah is based on the Hebrew calendar the date varies from year to year and can fall in either November or December -- so it's not unusual for both non-Jews and those who are not that observant to know when it is.

I think all people regardless of religious affiliation and level of observance -- both those who celebrate Hanukkah and those who don't -- will really appreciate the holiday message in this video.

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