Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New FREE App for Busy Parents to Help You Make the Right Medical Decisions When Your Child Gets Sick

Even healthy triplets like mine got sick often when they were younger
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Regular readers of this blog may know that I recently wrote about making important health benefit decisions for your family quickly.

Let's face it, ensuring that you have adequate health insurance coverage is the easy part.  If you are a mom or dad with children, your kids are going to get sick more often than you ever expected they would and you're going to need to act on their behalf when it happens. Wouldn't it be great if there was an app that you could turn to on your hand-held device to quickly browse for the symptoms affecting your child to come up with a game plan?

Now you can.  With iTriage, a medical reference application for Smartphones, that was created by Healthagen -- currently available as an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Android, and Palm -- that invaluable function and a whole lot more is a reality.  

This application is a real sanity saver to help you do the right thing, eliminating unnecessary worry and stress because it lets you search and browse hundreds of symptoms, diseases, and procedures and provides useful descriptions of the conditions, treatments, and medical tests. 

The app also offers support links to your insurer’s advice line.  An added benefit is that iTriage can use the iPhone’s GPS to help you find nearby pharmacies, hospitals, and other treatment centers.  In some states it even gives ER wait times so you can choose which one to go to.

Here's just a few of the other things this app offers you
  • Information on more than 300 symptoms, 1000 diseases and 350 medical procedures
  • A nationwide directory of hospitals, urgent cares, retail clinics, pharmacies and physicians
  • Detailed quality reports from HealthGrades on hospitals and physicians
I sure could have used this kind of backup support when my own four kids were all in diapers.   It's free and it's really useful for any parent no matter how old your kids are.  What are you waiting for?  Download the iTriage app now here.
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