Friday, February 11, 2011

When Mommy's or Daddy's Job is Looking for Work: How Parents Can Use Social Media to Find Employment


According to a CNN Breaking News, national unemployment is down to 9%.

This is good news that maybe -- just maybe -- the Great Recession is winding down and America will soon have the robust economy of yesteryear.  The problem is that still too many parents, both moms and dads trying to support themselves and their children, are currently seeking new jobs.

But, there is hope for your elusive job hunt.  That is because 83% of employers are now using Linkedin most heavily to locate new hires, followed by Facebook, and Twitter.  

Job seekers -- particularly those who haven't looked for work since the rise of new media -- will feel empowered to know about the 10 social media tips offered by Fortune magazine. 

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  1. I use all three... I think it is important to be "present" in order to keep yourself open to oppurtunities

  2. I'll add something else-once you have the job, don't spend most of the time texting. We fired a few people for that. Even after they were told they were not to text while at work, they continued to do so. A lot of young people seem to be addicted to their phones. They are at work to WORK, not to do their personal business on our time! To get more info please visit