Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anti-Theft Lock Device Parents Need


What will inventing moms think of next?

Here's something that any parent of young children might benefit from.  After all, what mom or dad with little ones doesn't seem to have both hands full and/or be highly distracted by their kids?

Grab Guard is a personal anti-theft device created by Michele Mabry McCauley, mother of five.  This is a handy gadget that can give you peace of mind, though you and I both hope this is the kind of product that isn't ever put to the ultimate bag snatcher test.

Believe me, as a mom of triplets plus one more all born within a year, I sure wish this clever product had been around when my own brood were all in diapers at the same time.  With four kids in tow, I don't think I ever paid constant attention to the valuables I was carrying when I was out in public and that made me an easy target for thieves.

My family: 3 newborns and a  toddler

Now my kids are teens.  So, to review this, I recently tried it out on my trip from L.A. to New York for the Dreamers Into Doers Conference hosted by Martha Stewart at her OmniMedia offices in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.  No one tried to rob me, so I can't say that I fully put this clever gadget to the test, since it didn't prevent a personal theft.  But, what I can say is that by using this on my business trip it did give me a greater sense of security while traveling.

The Grab Guard is proof that necessity really is the mother of invention.  According to creator and founder McCauley, she developed this product after witnessing two bags being stolen at a restaurant.

"At that point in my life," McCauley explains, "I realized that when I was out with my kids, I was always taking my eyes off my purse, diaper bag, or even my briefcase.  This left me vulnerable and I knew that others in my situation probably would feel the same way."

Any stressed out mom or dad can relate to the kids going haywire while out shopping or at the airport, right?  I know I sure can.

This gadget is lightweight and compact, yet it can help secure any valuables with a strap or handle.  According to the maker it has up to 50 pounds of pull strength and it can be easily deployed.  The product works by a 2-digit combination that you set simply yourself, so you never have to fumble with a key to unlock it.

The best part is that these are affordable at just $19.95 each.  That's a small price to pay, considering that every 3 seconds a purse or wallet is stolen and that 2.65 million purse and wallet thefts were reported in 2006.  Available online in six colors: blue marble, Italian marble, mahogany brown, matte black, green, and stylish pink.
To be fair, you don't have to have kids to use the Grab Guard because there are times when just about everyone needs to protect their stuff.  This can be used by kids to lock down their backpack on the playground, just as easily as it can be engaged by a traveling businessman to secure his lap top.

Grab Guard
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