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Spring Cleaning Goes Hi Tech - 3 Must-Have Free & Low-cost Apps To Make Homekeeping a Breeze

Homekeeping & Organizing Apps

I must be on a roll here.  Two blog posts about spring cleaning in a row.  First it was 7 Secrets to Making Spring Cleaning Less Painful and More Productive and now this one.

Housekeeping with Kids is a Constant Battle With Clutter
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I've got some more advice for you in this department, having just discovered some great new mobile apps -- ranging in price from Free to just $1.19 to download.   Perhaps, before you dive into your big spring cleaning spree and drag the old vacuum cleaner out of the closet, you might want to take a look at these.

Three simple apps to make spring cleaning & organizing a breeze:

1. House Maintenance Schedule, FREE for the Android
House Maintenance Schedule is a calendar application that's easy to use to log dates of routine maintenance done to your home -- such as changing the water filter in your refrigerator at set intervals. This is also helpful, reminding you when the next maintenance needs to be done.  Additionally, it  has an easy-to-follow basic month-to-month guide for home maintenance work.  To top it off, this app is Free, so why not give it a try?

Download House Maintenance Schedule, for the Android HERE
2. Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule, $.99 for the Apple iPhone
Designed by working parents, this app uses the divide-and-conquer approach to keeping the home clean.  Just like I suggested in my last post, with this you can use this to break down your chores into bite-sized tasks to do a small part of the bigger job each day.  Check each completed item off the list as you go.  Clean Freak shows you how many days since a task was last done, while completing all items advances the rotation.  It's also a snap to configure less frequent tasks on your to do list in the "every 2/4/8 rotations" sections.

Download Clean Freak for the iPhone HERE 

3. Organizing Your Home, $1.19 for the Android
Let's face it:  cleaning and organizing at home is a painful process for many of us.  With Organizing Your Home, chores become so much easier to tackle.  This app is the go-to source for practical tips and strategies to clear out the clutter that is in every room in your home. Better, yet, this app also help you keep organized once you've finished the initial job.

Download Organizing Your Home for the Android HERE

Definitely comment on what you think of these apps.  Also, would love to hear about other apps that you recommend that help with spring cleaning, organization, and/or home maintenance.

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