Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fun Eco Friendly Easter Craft Kids Ideas


Creative ways to Recycle Egg Shells, Reuse Plastic Styrofoam

With Earth Day kid ideas still fresh in my mind as well as last week's Easter and Passover family-friendly craft posts, it got me thinking about those that celebrated Easter today.  What can you do with all those eggs, egg shells, and egg cartons now that the Easter Bunny has come and gone?  Recycle them with arts and crafts, of course!

Eco Friendly DIY Easter Crafts

Most of the wonderful crafts (almost 20 different projects in all) featured in this post recycle real or pretend eggs (styrofoam, plastic, etc) and/or repurpose other materials you likely already have around the house.  For example, for Nikki's Paper Punch Eggs (shown here), you can use up all those odd shaped scraps of scrapbooking papers you've been hoarding.  You might even want to use some colorful junk mail, the Sunday comics, or other interesting paper

 you've got laying around the house to put your own crafty twist on these.

Do Something Eco-friendly with Your Easter Egg Surplus

The sky's the limit here.  From creating something new with those plastic eggs the kids brought home from the Easter Egg Hunt to making something out of the craft foam eggs you still have, to reusing the egg shells from all the hard boiled eggs the kids dyed on Saturday night.  

There are even some great ideas below that will give a second life to that stack of egg cartons that now sits atop the trash cash can. 
Below are my picks for some Eggstravagant post-Easter projects that kids will enjoy.

Which of the above projects appeals most to you and why?  What other ideas do you have for crafts that recycle Easter eggs (the real or pretend variety)?  This is your forum, so please leave a comment and share your brilliant thoughts with other like-minded crafters with kids. 

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