Friday, April 15, 2011

Passover Jewish Holiday Easy Crafts for Kids

Holiday Crafts

Readers:  Get  your own Passover craft ideas featured on MommyBlogExpert -- details at end of this post.   Also, don't miss the separate blogpost on some great children's Spring Arts and Crafts.

Photo from Kaboose

Passover officially begins on April 18, Monday night at sundown.  Keep kids from toddlers to teens busy between now and then with some really extraordinary but easy and inexpensive to make Pesach crafts.  

Likely you already have the supplies to make most of these projects at home, so why not do a craft together with your child?  Then, make sure you write the year and name of the child on the art project they make so that you can store it away after the holiday is over so you (and they) can enjoy it again every year after that.
  • Cardboard Tube Moses from Kaboose (pictured above)
  • Bedikat Chametz Search for Leaven Project from Kaboose
  • Passover Seder Plate from Crayola
  • Printable Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages from
  • Dancing Wine Goblet Paper Chain from Creative Jewish Mom  
  • Passover Bag of Plagues from Martha Stewart
Photo from Martha Stewart

These are all really great Passover craft and cooking ideas.  But, here's my favorite one that I'm making with my teens this year -- Martha's Matzah House from Martha Stewart. Includes an 18 minute demo (in two parts)  from the Martha Stewart Show with funny lady Joan Rivers as the guest for the featured Pesach cooking segment.

In this entertaining and informative Martha online video you'll see how to make some yummy gourmet chocolate and nuts matzah as well as the gorgeous Matzoh House pictured.  Whether you're perfect like Martha or a little klutz like Joan, you are going to love this kitchen craft that you can use as a Passover Seder table centerpiece and then eat for dessert!

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Happy Passover!

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