Tuesday, May 10, 2011

6 Easy Eco Friendly Ways Busy Moms & Dads Can Save Lots of Money on Gas

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Green living seems to be on my mind a lot lately, most recently when I wrote a post for this blog for Earth Day on how families can take a more active role in repairing and preserving our environment.  As I left the house today I started obsessing on the fact that here I live in L.A. where people really do drive four blocks from home to go grocery shopping.

To be honest, I'm as guilty sometimes as just about all my neighbors on this.  So, today I thought why not combine all my errands to save gas, money, and do my small part to improve Southern California's air quality?
Pacific Ocean at Sunset - Brown/Orange Tint on Horizon is Colored by Smog
iPhone Photo by Janis Brett Elspas, MommyBlogExpert.com

This shopping trip inspired these tips that will help you save big money on gasoline too.
  • If your errands are all within walking distance of each other, why not consider driving to a central location between these different places, parking, and walking to each location? Instead of starting and stopping your car excessively, you'll only have to do it once.
  • Even if you only have one errand to do, if it's within a 15 minute walk of your starting location, consider leaving the car and walking instead.  You'll save gas and money but also get some exercise besides.

  • When driving the kids to extra curricular activities, such as to friends' houses, sports games and music lessons, where you are just dropping off your child, get them to walk home from the event, if it is safe and close enough to your house for him/her to do so. That way you don't have to make two round-trips to drop off and pick up.  Plus your son or daughter gets the physical workout all kids need but don't always get now a days.
    • Don't overlook the freedom and convenience that owning a bicycle provides -- both for the driver and for the kid.  Get your child to ride their bike if he's old enough and responsible enough wherever he wants to go.  You'll feel like less of a taxi driver and your child will feel they actually can go to a lot more places without always depending on a ride from you.
    • Lastly, but most importantly, your child will see you making an effort to conserve fuel, money, and show you care about the environment. Wouldn't it be great if your kid also adopted this ethic after he/she get their driver's license so they can enjoy the benefits too?
    Try to do any or all of these little things whenever you can and you'll notice how much less often you find yourself at the pump filling up.  Besides all the money you're saving, you'll be helping to save Earth's precious natural resources too.

    Now it's your turn to comment.  What other eco friendly ways can you think of (or that you already do) to conserve gasoline?

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