Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From the EvenFlo Savvy Parenting Video Series: Relishing the Little Moments

Whether it's one at a time or four, parenting babies is never easy
With 4 kids born w/in a year, someone was always crying at our house
Vintage family photo,

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As a mom of four, all born within a year including triplets, I once had four babies in diapers at the same time so my perspective is worth sharing with expectant young couples today.  Beginning in the last few months before my multiples were born, I remember both my obstetrician and perinatologist repeatedly telling me that I should enjoy it now because once those babies were born, my life would be forever changed.  

At the time, I hadn't a clue about what they were saying.  Hubbie and I soon found out how right those wise doctors and friends of ours who already had children were -- though -- when our babies arrived in triplicate.  

We were in a chronic state of semi-consciousness during that first year, for sure.  It's a good thing we took lots of Kodak moment photos of our children like the one below, because those first 12 months were a bit on the foggy side, to say the least.
Even when we just had our oldest son, Mom & Dad were always worn out
Vintage family photo,

My kids are now 14 and 15 respectively -- born long before YouTube was even invented.  Definitely, today's parents and parents-to-be have a real advantage over the way we survived becoming a family back then.  So, my sage advice to the next generation of parents is that you should really take tap into all the resources that are now available for free, online.  A really good example is the inspiring and humorous YouTube shorts such as this one from the EvenFlo Savvy Parenting Video Series.  

If you are pregnant now or already have a baby, take a peek at this cute YouTube.  It'll make you smile and help you appreciate each other and your new and growing family a whole lot more.  Then come back to this post and leave a comment about the feelings this evokes in you.

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Tell about your own baby experience, now.  When did you finally see the light as a new parent? What kind of advice do you have for new moms and dads to savor those special times?  Please share your memories as a comment  below.

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