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Parties Galore at BlogHer 11 - What's the Hottest Ticket This Year?

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The invitations are out and many of the BlogHer parties have been completely booked for weeks and months.  In fact, most are only accepting people for their wait lists.  Had this not been my first BlogHer I've ever attended, I would have been all the wiser to RSVP a lot sooner.  I had no idea how competitive getting party invitations could be, but have now learned my lesson for next year.

At last count, I'd say there are more than 20 unofficial and official scheduled parties outside of the conference during a little over two days from Thursday nite - Saturday nite, August 4-6.  Those events, BTW,  are only the ones that I've heard about on Twitter and Facebook that I've been sharing with my followers and by looking at the BlogHer site and checking Mom Spark's BlogHer party list which is constantly being updated.

Most events, due to space limitations, have a maximum capacity.  Some parties are by invitation only.  Others are first-come first-served via EventBrite ticketing, while still others, like for the Dove Ice Cream Yacht Party, BlogHer attendees are asked to submit their information directly to the brand's representative and then await confirmation of an invitation.

My own humble schedule is just beginning to shape up.  First and foremost I look forward to the conference itself both as a first-time mommy blogger attendee and as a speaker and panel moderator on Saturday for the session Minding Your Own Business - Your Blog Can Make You a Local Hero.

Party-wise, I know I'll be attending several of the no-RSVP-required official events such as Evening at the Expo Hall on Thurs night and a variety of other official BlogHer after hours get togethers.

I also feel very fortunate to be confirmed to attend the Life Well Lived event hosted by Procter & Gamble all day on Thursday.  In addition, I plan on going to several other parties over the weekend, but details haven't been finalized yet.  I may even be volunteering at one party that's very popular this year, too.  Then there's all the events that I'm on the wait list for that I'm hoping I'll get to go to.

How about you? How many parties are you confirmed to attend as of now? Which ones? How many others are you wait listed on that you really want to be at? Which events do you think are the hottest tickets this year?  And the biggest question of all, is anyone planning on going to all or almost all of these soirees.

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