Sunday, July 17, 2011

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day Review

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Did you know that the entire month of July is officially National Ice Cream Month and that today, July 17, is designated as National Ice Cream Day and tha tthe entire month of July is officially National Ice Cream Month?  

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bar

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Celebrating National Ice Cream Day With Dove Ice Cream

I know I sure didn't, until I was invited to the California Milk Advisory Board's  Not So Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Social on the first day of summer this past June. 

Just in time to celebrate the most ice cream centric day of the year I am happy to share this taste and review that's all about Dove Ice Cream.  In the spotlight are the recently reformulated -- with more chocolate -- Dove Vanilla Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Bars.

These delights come three to a box, are certified kosher and are only 250 calories each and yes they really taste as good as they look.  Actually, it's hard to believe the calorie count is so low because the ice cream is really creamy and the chocolate is so rich tasting and thick it cracks when you bite into the bar.

I still remember the first Dove Bar I ever had around 20 years ago.  At the time this was the richest, most decadent ice cream bar I'd ever had.   Soon after, I had four children in the space of a year -- triplets plus one more. And shortly after that, I stopped buying Dove Bars because I was into making only home made ice cream. 

Guess what? I was just re-introduced to this delicious product which I'd all but forgotten about.  Dove's campaign slogan on the box was right: "Crack into an Unforgettable Dove Chocolate Experience." The Dove Bars my son and I just enjoyed today were just as wonderfully rich, maybe even better than the ones I first had many years ago.  

Dove's ice cream is really unforgettable, I can't stop thinking about it.  Makes me want to go to a different market right now to see if I can find the other varieties to try, since my store only carried a couple of the Dove ice cream novelties to choose from.

Dove Ice Cream treats come in Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate over-sized 3-bar packs and Raspberry Sorbet with Dark Chocolate Sticks 6-bar pack, and ice cream miniatures, all of which are scrumptious. Dove Chocolate Candy is another line the company makes that I think I'd really enjoy tasting, especially the Dove Dark Chocolate Candy Bars.

Dove Ice Cream, BTW, is an official sponsor of the BlogHer 11 so I look forward to interacting with the brand in San Diego. I know quite a few other women and moms who blog who will be attending and all of us are looking forward to Dove's participation in our upcoming conference, too. 

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