Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Why Summer is the Teenager Season


Summer Frame of Mind

With summer starting in just under a week, I started thinking...

If one equates spring with renewal and birth, it's logical to see how winter might be a stand-in for the Golden Years and fall might represent middle age and adulthood. Summer is a little more challenging to draw those kinds of parallels to categorize it though, don't you think?

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Summer as the Teenager

When I began considering what stage of life makes sense when thinking about summer, I automatically thought of that no man's or woman's land between baby and grown up called the teenage years.

Exploring new territory for the first time, the lack of real pressures of responsibility and deadlines, a feeling of both fearlessness and immortality -- when I think of all these, they apply equally to both being a teen and in general, the lazy and more forgiving pace of summertime for us all.

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True, I may be far past those teen years myself and have raised four teenagers of my own to become independent, successful young adults. 
Still, I recall the great anticipation of seemingly endless lazy days with which I once greeted each new summer during my own Baby Boomer childhood.

These reflections about summer as the teenage season of life make me contemplate, understand and ultimately appreciate two very important lessons learned about living. The promise of summer ahead is definitely meant for every teenager's enjoyment. But everything good that each new summer brings is also intended for everyone of every age, young and old, to savor, to experience new things and to grow.

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Wishing everyone a wonderful summer: however you choose to spend it. A summer of personal growth, health, and happiness, as well as an abundance of quality time and fun doing what you really enjoy on your own as well as with family and/or friends.

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