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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Volume 3: The Return of Heatblast Kids DVD Review & GIVEAWAY, Ends 9/15

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Just when you thought it was starting to cool off, it turns out that August is going to be heating up instead. What am I talking about? You mean we haven’t seen the last heat wave of summer yet?

In a manner of speaking, yes.  That's because Cartoon Network Enterprises is predicting that it’s going to be scorching hot with this month’s release of their latest DVD title, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Volume 3: The Return of Heatblast.  After having the opportunity to screen the latest installment of Ben Tennyson’s animated action adventures, I think my 14 year-old triplets (two girls, one boy) totally get Cartoon Network’s drift.

In the new DVD, which is now available in stores and online, Ben must face his past as his arc rivals of yore come back to haunt him. The title of this volume gets its name from the fact that Ben has a rematch when Heatblast takes on Dr. Viktor.   In the latest release he’ll also have no choice but to deal with Elena who arrives with another nanochip swarms and other villains.

The question -- in these 10 episodes from the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien series Season 2 – is: Can Ben 10’s super fan Jimmy Jones come to the rescue before it’s too late?   Your kids will have to watch to find out the answers to how everything turns out.

My teenage trio had various reactions to the two disc DVD set that Cartoon Network sent us for review. However our 15 year-old son had no interest in watching. That’s not a surprise, since the target market for this DVD is boys 6-14.
My 14 year-old, the multi-tasking movie critic at work
iPhone Photo by Janis Brett Elspas,

As I expected, my 14 year-old triplet son was the most avid fan in the family for this review. Prior to this he had heard about the Ben 10 series, but because we don’t get Cartoon Network, he had not watched this previously.

Considering that it was his first time ever viewing any Ben 10 episode, my boy said it was a little confusing to figure out the back story at first. But, after just a couple of episodes he could easily understand what was going on and was completely drawn in.

“My favorite character,” he says, “is Ben.  That’s because he is a teen, like me, that seems to be a born leader.  I thought it was particularly cool how he changes into all these different aliens.”

Interestingly, my son’s two triplet sisters also like the show. The oldest girl was very straight forward, saying that she thought had a really good story line. What’s more, with every episode she found it even more “addicting.”

The other female triplet was a bit more insightful and particularly articulate.  She said, “The story concepts, dialogue, and action were all excellent and the ideas for each episode were better than the previous ones.  Simply described, this is an action DVD for kids that combines reality with science fiction in a cartoon format.”

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Volume 3: The Return of Heatblast was just released on August 2 by Cartoon Networks (CN), Turner Broadcasting System's ad-supported cable service.  TBS is a Time Warner company.  The two DVD Set -- which includes 10 episodes plus a Blast From the Past Database as a special feature -- has a run time of 225 minutes and carries a suggested retail price of $19.97.   

The Ben 10: Ultimate Alien CN series, distributed by Warner Home Video, continues to be the network’s #1 show for boys 6-14 on Friday nights, reaching 8.1 million kids throughout the season.  A blast from the

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