Saturday, September 24, 2011

NEW Bing Deals Launches - 1st Service to Aggregate 200,000 Listings of Deal Sites in One Place


Today, before learning about the Bing Deals launch, I was going through the usual 500+ emails I receive daily and stopped to think. I never realized before how many notifications from different daily deals sites I receive every day. GroupOn, LivingSocial, Daily Candy, PopSugar Daily, Juice in the City, Amazon, and many others do have great daily deals. The problem is as a busy mom with kids and a career, who has the time to open and read that many deal alerts daily? That's not even to mention the dozens of other emails I get seven days a week from stores and online retailers with special sales, promotions and links to all kinds of coupons.

 Bing Deals Has Arrived, so Storm of Deal Sites is Clearing
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Apparently, misery loves company and I am not alone. In a recent survey, 87 percent of people said they'd increase use of daily deals if they could easily search deals that interested them all in one place. So what a relief it was to learn that -- thanks to Bing Deals which just launched yesterday -- from this day forward you and I don't have to let deals fatigue drive us away from bargains ever again.

Bing Deals -- with its one-stop shopping feature -- provides a central location to browse, find, and buy.  Now it easier than ever for us parents to save more money on all the things our families need or want while also saving a huge amount in time savings.  Bing does the sorting and filtering for you.

Reportedly, more money-saving features will roll out in the weeks ahead. Visit or check out the Bing Blog for more information.

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