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Stunning Floral Floats Still Belles of New Year Celebration at California Rose Bowl Parade Today


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Blue skies prevailed over a beautiful day here in Southern California for the world famous Rose Parade today organized by the Pasadena Tournament of Roses. The parade -- so popular adults, parents, and kids routinely camp out on the sidewalks annually the night before  -- is the precursor to another well-known New Year event: the Rose Bowl Game.  As always, the parade pageantry was truly amazing including the giant Kit-Cat Clock float that I'll be telling you all about later in this post.

Kit-Cat Float at 2012 Rose Parade

The 2012 parade -- themed Just Imagine -- was led by Grand Marshall J.R. Martinez, an Iraq War Veteran who sustained war injuries but nevertheless went on to become the champion of Dancing With the Stars - Season 13 anyway. I can't imagine a better choice to represent this year's official sentiment.  Imagining success just like Martinez has modeled for us truly helps inspire dreamers to reach for the stars.  The retired soldier's representation not only inspired the crowd along the parade route, it also honored all injured U.S. military service personnel in a big way too.
Retro Kit-Cat Clock from the

As readers I often write about old-fashioned and classic vintage things like LEGO and Curious George. So for this post here's a closeup look at one of my favorite entries in this year's parade: The Kit-Cat Clock float sponsored by California Clock Company marking the firm's 80th anniversary.

Who doesn't remember seeing one of those charming black and white Kit-Cat Clocks hanging in someone's kitchen with eyes rolling and tail swinging back and forth? I know I've seen plenty of these classic ticking cat clocks in my time and you likely have too. 

Kit-Cat Float decorating in progress

This is the first time any of us, though, has had the chance to see that iconic wall time piece translated into a parade float 55 feet long and standing 24 feet high. It's fascinating to point out, BTW, that Kit-Cat’s float was decorated completely with fresh locally grown floral materials – something no other commercial entry had ever tried. In fact, the majority of the flowers used in the Rose Parade were imported from South America.

A yellow rose blooming in my Los Angeles garden
iPhone Photo by Janis Brett Elspas,

Some natural materials incorporated into the Kit-Cat Float project
  • Glossy Black Seaweed
  • Velvety Onion Seed
  • White Coconut Chips
  • Yellow Button Mums
  • White Sweet Rice
  • Orange Lentils
  • Green Split Peas
  • Yellow Roses
That's not even to mention the decidedly modern twist of this giant Kit-Kat version which incorporated skateboarders zipping on and off the float via specially-designed ramps, a tween couple dancing beside an over sized jukebox and eight riders from eight to 80 years old representing every generation. These faces, of course, represent all the children, parents, grandparents and great grandparents who have admired Kit-Cat Clocks during the past eight decades since the company's founding in 1932.

Dancers in action aboard the Kit-Cat float

Did you watch the Rose Parade? What did you think of the floats in general and the Kit-Cat entry in particular? Please leave a comment and share.


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