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DIY Oscar Party Fab Frugal & Fun Ideas to Celebrate the 2012 Academy Awards at Home This Sunday

Do it Yourself Party

Limos line up at Four Season Hotel Beverly Hills before 2011 Awards
Didn't make any of the pre or post Oscars parties A-Lists? Not to worry, I didn't get any invitations this year either. Truth be told, like most of the rest of the world, I'm not on anyone's list and have never received an invite. But that doesn't mean that you and I have to stay home and cry all dressed up with no place to go while Hollywood is celebrating the biggest entertainment industry event of the year.

As the saying goes, if you can't fight them, join them! Well, sort of. This Sunday host your own Oscar Academy Awards Party for your friends where you decide who to invite and what's on the menu. It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive -- it can even be last minute -- all it needs to be is fun. That's a whole lot better than being an actor or actress at the mercy of the directors and producers on any set, don't you think?

Nationally-recognized consumer and money-saving expert Andrea Woroch has a whole bunch of ideas to get you started to make your celebration affordable or even free. She says you should take advantage of free online services such as e-vite and your Facebook page to get your invites out fast and to keep track of the RSVPs. Woroch also suggests that you shop for some party wear at places like TJMaxx and troll the Internet to save on the refreshments at the grocery store by visiting sites like CouponSherpa and others offering printable and mobile coupons.

Hollywood Blvd near the theater at Highland where the Oscars will be presented

Building on Woroch's budget-minded philosophy, here's just a few of my own ideas to inspire your party planning creativity without spending alot of time or money on all the preparations. 

You'll notice that each of the five suggestions below from MommyBlogExpert all have several things in common: they're inexpensive and your guests share in the work and costs to make them happen.

The Hollywood Sign is as iconic as Movie Stars Themselves

Five MommyBlogExpert Oscar Party Ideas to Consider

Do Group Goody Bags
Here's a clever idea that's even cheaper and more fun than curating and buying all the trinkets yourself for the goody bags. Instead, give each party guest who's coming the heads up to bring a set number of the same item. Tell each person to spend no more than $10-$20 altogether and buy multiple identical items (like candy bars, stickers or even things from a dollar store). Meanwhile, as the host, purchase the same quantity of goody bags from a party store in advance. Then, have the empty bags set out on a table ready for everyone to drop in the goodies they brought. At the end of the party everyone who came will be surprised with their loot bag, even you!

Create a Fashion Boutique
How about totally skipping the swag bags for an all female crowd? Instead ask everyone to bring three accessories that are really nice but that they no longer want. This could be any accessory that one size fits all: a scarf, handbag, piece of jewelry, hat or other fashion accent. The main thing is that it should have some perceived valued to someone else and it should be either something new that was never used or an item that is in like-new condition. Then each of your girlfriends can "shop" for the equivalent number of items to bring home. You're bound to have at least a few of your guests going home very happy about their new treasures.

Hold a Celebrity Magazine Exchange
This one's good for a group of friends that likes reading People, the National Enquirer and the other movie star  magazines. Ask each person to bring a magazine of this genre, either one they are done with or a new one they picked up at the grocery checkout counter on their way to the party. Leave all the magazines out on your dining room table for people to flip through during the awards ceremony in case they get bored. Then after the final Oscar is announced encourage party goers to take any magazines home from this collection that they'd like. 

Organize a Pot Luck Buffet of Snacks & Drinks 
Ask guests to bring their favorite sweet and/or savory treats to share and assign others to bring their favorite drinks for all. Then you supply the paper plates, cups and utensils and serving dishes to present it all buffet style. Not enough food? Get everyone to chip in and order pizza for supper that's delivered to your party venue for everyone to eat during the show. 

Make Your Event Family Friendly
It's going to be a shame if one or more of your friends can't make your party either because they can't afford or can't find a babysitter for their kids. If you have the space, why not invite parents to bring their kids? Then set the little ones up with their own Oscar celebration in another room and ask your tweens or teens (or a friend's  responsible older kids) to keep them busy playing board games or doing simple craft since most youngesters -- gasp -- couldn't care less about the Academy Awards.

You get the idea. Think outside the box. Whatever you do you'll be having a memorable time with friends sans the expense and stress. Enjoy the awards ceremony and good luck to all the entrants from us all!
California-based DreamWorks is up for two Oscars in 2012

How will you spend Oscar Night 2012? What were your favorite movies, actors, actresses, directors and other crafts people last year? Who do you think will win this weekend? Share your thoughts as a comment.

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