Saturday, February 11, 2012

Frugal Alternatives to Expensive Gifts & Longstem Roses for Your Sweetheart for Valentines Day


A dozen roses delivered will set you back $60 - $80 this Valentine's Day. That's on top of the average projected consumer price tag adding up to $126.03 for the Day of Hearts this year, the priciest February 14 in 10 years according to the National Retail Federation.

Do it Yourself Mixed Tulips Valentine Bouquet

Thankfully if you find those costs outside your budget there are plenty of frugal choices that will be received just as well -- possibly even with greater appreciation -- by the object of your affection.

Sure long stemmed roses from a high-priced florist are traditional. But this year consider tulips (they also have long stems) at just $3 a bunch instead, like the ones I just bought at an L.A. farmer's market. In a mixed bunch with all the shades of romance: pink, white, and red and hand delivered by you personally. What could be a sweeter expression of your sentiments than that?

Fresh Tulips $3 a Bunch in California

Homemade decorated heart sugar cookies are another idea that is not only thoughtful but inexpensive too. Sure they're old-fashioned but you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who'd prefer store bought baked goods over the ones that you can easily bake fresh at home for just a few dollars. You can even get creative in the way you package them. For example, for someone that loves gardening why not present your gift of love in a brand new terracotta flower pot wrapped with a pretty bow and card?

Easy Handmade from Scratch Valentine Heart Cookies
And on the subject of cards. Nothing beats a handmade valentine -- a much more desirable option when you consider how hard it can be find just the right store-bought card. What's more is you'll be glad to know it doesn't take much arts & crafts know how either to make a really special card yourself. 

All you need is a piece of typing paper that you've folded in half, either cross-wise or length-wise (your choice). Then cut out photos of the two of you and things from magazines that you both love and use a glue stick to attach them collage style to create your card. Add a personal hand-written message inside and watch for the recipient's reaction to your customized and lasting remembrance of Valentine's Day 2012. Deliver it yourself, too, which is a lot more romantic than getting your sweetie's mailman to do it.

More Free Valentine Gift Craft Ideas HERE

Tulips Abound at Farmer's Market in Spring
What other off-beat ideas can you think of for memorable gifts for Valentine's Day that won't break the bank? Feel free to share your ideas and include a link to your own projects by leaving a comment below.

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