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Curated Maternity, Baby Shower & Newborn Monthly European Gift Box Concept Launches in U.S.

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Luxe subscription gift box grab bag-style fashion shopping sites like Little Black Bag, Umba Box, and She Said Beauty for us grown up girls that offer eclectic collections of branded products and good deals are all the rage right now. 

But what about a special place where pregnant women or new moms might go for a special treat?   Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a company that catered just to expectant moms and mothers with newborns providing beautifully curated monthly gift boxes of high end items valued at much more than you pay for them?

Well, guess what? There is an online source, a new site which just launched called PetiteBox and it fits that description like a perfect fitting glove.  Yes, finally there is a similar shopping resource for those of us with discriminating tastes to go to for a beautiful and memorable gift that keeps giving monthly for expectant moms, baby showers, and newborns -- or maybe even for you to indulge yourself if you're expecting or for you and your child to enjoy together if you already have an infant.

To join the growing PetiteBox community all you do is register on the site. Then a lovely surprise box is sent to you filled with 4 to 7 of fine mommy and baby full-size (not sample) products each month or it can be gifted on your behalf to someone you know to enjoy. Quality products, valued at retail prices much more than your cost, are curated and designed specifically to match the recipient's stage of pregnancy (starting at week 17) or the baby's age (up to 12 months old).

At launch, the brands PetiteBox is working with include Angel Dear, Basq, Dr. Hauschka, Earth Friendly Baby, HABA, Happy Family, Lansinoh, Lotus Wei, MAM, MD Moms, Petites Frites, and Weleda. Others will be added in the months ahead.

PetiteBox Subscription Options
  • Monthly subscription $25/May be canceled any time
  • 3-month subscription $70/Auto cancel after 3 months
  • 6-month subscription $130/Auto cancel after 6 months 
  • Shipping is free and is including in above prices

Each month's selection is customized for the woman receiving it and every surprise box a recipient gets is different. So, this is a fun and thoughtful gift that will be eagerly awaited each month.

PetiteBox plans to be expanding rapidly. There will be lots of opportunities in the months ahead for expectant women and new moms to try and test some  great new and exclusive products just for you as well as to share your luxe gift box reactions with others in the group and interact with the brands that are represented.

Stay tuned to MommyBlogExpert for more news posts as this new innovative mom community develops.

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  1. I think this package would help a lot to a soon-to-be mom or a newly mother. It's like, all in one where important stuffs of her baby were there.