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How to Get Involved as a Mom in World Water Day March 22 & Help People Around Globe in Need


Just received an email and call to action from my friend Jennifer James, founder of Mom Bloggers for Social Good. World Water Day is coming up next Thursday, March 22. I invite you to join me in learning about ways you can make a difference by participating in one or more of the activities planned for next week.

World Water Day, March 22, 2012 - Image from

Here in the U.S. families like mine often take water for granted. But others are not so fortunate elsewhere in the world. A child dies every 20 seconds of a water-related illness or disease. This is just one of the many tragic statistics where non profit groups like hope to make an impact.

What is World Water Day and Who is Water.Org?
World Water Day was founded in 1992-3 by the United Nations with a variety of groups over the years engaging with it to highlight a wide spectrum of impacts of water. is actively participating in development and supporting World Water Day, a designated day for building awareness about the global problems revolving around water issues and discussing solutions that will bring about positive changes. 

How Can I Get Involved?
World Water Day is an excellent way for the American public to be introduced to what the water crisis is all about and how regular people like you and I can help. 

First, you may want to watch this YouTube interview with actor and co-founder Matt Damon about the water crisis to understand more about some of the water issues of greatest concern.

A few other easy and quick ways to participate in World Water Day

Donate Your Voice. I've already authorized access to both my Twitter and Facebook pages so that daily messages about World Water Day will be automatically be published in my feed over the next week to spread the word to MommyBlogExpert followers in both social media communities. You can sign up until March 22 to donate your voice, too, if you wish.

Give Water. Take part in the World Water Day fundraiser. A donation of just $25 provides clean water for life for one person.

Update your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo with images like this provided by
Change Your Facebook Homepage for a Day. Save one of the provided photos (such as the one above) to your computer. Then change out your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo on your profile with one that celebrates and helps promote Water Day.

Tweet Using the #WaterDay hashtag on Twitter. Mom Bloggers for Social Good offers two suggested Tweets (listed below). You're welcome to copy and paste either for broadcasting over Twitter -- or use your own choice of words -- just be sure to use the #WaterDay hashtag for maximum message impact.

Tweet 1
On average, women walk 3.7 miles a day for @water around the globe. Raise your voice for #WaterDay #socialgoodmoms 

Tweet 2
Help girls spend more time in school, less time carrying @water. Raise your voice for #WaterDay  #socialgoodmoms

This is just the tip of the iceberg of things you can do to take an active part in World Water Day. There are so many more ways to support World Water Day so definitely check them out.

About Water.Org is a non-profit organization that has transformed thousands of communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America by providing access to safe water and sanitation over the past twenty-one years. Founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, works with local partners to deliver solutions to those in need.

Mom Bloggers for SocialGood's Jennifer James in Kenya. Photo Credit: Elisa Morgan

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