Thursday, March 8, 2012

Purim Family Fun - Parody & Rock Music by The Maccabeats & Shlomones - Plus Santa Came to Shul


Last night was the first time I've ever seen Santa Claus at synagogue services. Yes Santa, sans his sleigh and herd of eight reindeer. He was in our shul in full uniform: red suit, white beard and hair, and hat. If you don't believe me, keep reading and you'll see the photo I took of the world's most famous man in red.

My daughter the Smurfette with her Princess friend
What's going on here? It's the holiday of Purim. A day we dress in costumes, go to our Jewish house of worship to hear the retelling of the story of Esther and how she saved the Jews from what seemed like certain destruction. The revelry continues all day today and like many families celebrating right now, it's going to be a particularly crazy day at our house.

Already our four teens are in their Purim costumes. This year they're dressed as Smurfette from The Smurfs movie, a winged sparkling fairy princess and my two boys are in their Kung Fu regalia. Earlier, the family went to the synagogue to hear the reading of the Megillah, the Book of Esther and now we have about 50 gift baskets of food and drink to deliver to friends.

Santa really did make an appearance last night as you can see from this photo.
Santa makes a once a year appearance for Purim at our synagogue

Then, this afternoon it's our turn to host the annual Purim seudah meal so I'm busy baking and cooking for our dinner, cleaning the house, etc.  

Really, I'm a little crazed. There's so much to do before the sun sets so this blog post is super brief out of necessity.

Boysenberry - Marion Berry Purim Pie I created with fruit my girls picked

If you need more motivation to celebrate Purim today, see the two parodies and rock videos below created just for this holiday. They are G-rated and suitable for viewing by every member of the family. I've no doubt that these will certainly entertain you and your children and get you in a party mood, too. 

The first video is from The Maccabeats and the other is from The Shlomones -- both extremely talented singing groups that really get into their characters in these music videos. After you've watched both, leave a comment about which group's song you like better below this post.

Enjoy and Purim Sameach!
Our Boxer dog in his Purim Clown Costume


Don't forget to leave a comment about this post. Tell which video you like best. Also, feel free to share childhood memories of Purim as well as tell about how you are celebrating the holiday this year.

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