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Top 10 Sources of Inspiration for Writing More Engaging Content for your Mom Blog


Writer's block.  Certainly writers of all types have experienced this at one time or another, including bloggers.  In fact, mommy bloggers may even be more susceptible to being at a loss for words since many of us are also raising children ranging from newborn babies to college age kids. With such busy family lives creating additional demands on us, it's no surprise that the resulting stress as well as emotional and physical exhaustion can sometimes drain us of our creative energy and motivation to write.

When you're feeling really tired don't ever feel guilty if you take a day off. It might be all you need to regenerate and get back on track to mom blogging again. But there will be days when you feel you must  produce content, though, and your mind is stalled as if in a airplane holding pattern. So I want to share my personal list of go-to inspiration sources for writing Mommy Blog Expert, the family lifestyle blog you are now reading. 

Blog writing inspiration is everywhere if you look for it. Here's where you'll find ideas for writing your best posts ever.

Look In Your Own Backyard
We can learn and be inspired so much by others: our kids, hubbies, significant others, and extended family without ever leaving home. Particularly, watch your children intently, because if you do there is so much they have to teach you. Talk to their friends and their parents too, you'll be surprised at the things you could learn that could be turned into a post.
Take Your Family On Trips to New Places
Go on short outings, day trips, and vacation. Bring your child to places you've never been and explore them together. Whether it's a museum, a National Park, a special event, or even a classical concert. The things you do together will bond you as well as generate great ideas for posts as well a photographs to use to illustrate them.

Talk to Neighbors, Others in Your Community & Friends
Just chatting face to face, by phone, and via Facebook can stimulate your mind to think of interesting and fun posts to write. Every person you encounter has a story to tell. Whether talking over the fence to your next door neighbor or striking up a conversation with a local fireman or conversing with a friend in the midst of a blizzard on the other side of the country -- these are all great sources for thinking about things you might never have considered yourself.

Engage in Physical Exercise Daily
Take a walk and feel refreshed. That's what Apple visionary Steve Jobs used to do to think outside the box. Play outside with your kids or ride bikes with them -- it's good for them and it's good for you. Start going to the gym or playing a new sport like tennis or golf when your kids are in school. It's amazing how much a small increase in physical activity can actually recharge your batteries rather than drain them.

Volunteer to Help a Non-Profit
Just think of the stories you could retell if you got involved with the PTA or helped coach your kids soccer team or volunteered at a hospital or animal shelter. Not only will you be gathering inspiration for future posts (and maybe some good pictures, too) you'll be making a difference by helping others.

Get to Know Other Mom Bloggers Online
Getting to know and exchanging ideas and resources with other mom bloggers is not only fun but productive. There's many ways to meet other like-minded moms online. For example following others similar to you on Twitter and attending Twitter Parties are good places not only to meet other moms who blog but to interact and establish relationships with brands.  When you befriend other mom bloggers you can exchange guest blogposts as well as event invitations making it a win-win for everyone.

Go to Local & National Women's Blogging Gatherings
If you don't already, starting getting together informally with other mom bloggers that live near you. Consider traveling to at least one national women's blogging event each year. Granted, it can be expensive but if you're serious about growing your blog, learning and meeting some of the most successful mom bloggers it will help you write better content. That's not to mention the valuable face-to-face contact with brands that can lead to incredible opportunities. Becoming active in mom social networks like Social Moms, Mom Bloggers Club, Bloggy Moms and others can also help you think more creatively.

Read Books, Newspapers & Magazines
Read voraciously and go to the library as often as you can. This is where I get some of my greatest inspiration and motivation because it creates a starting point from which you can create a story of your own. To more variety you read the greater the chances are that you'll have a constant stream of new things that you can write some really good posts about.

Visit Online News & Feature Sites
Similarly, read not only online news and feature sites that you enjoy but also a few blogs of other moms that you admire. Of course you'll never copy someone else's work and republish it as your own but by reading online media and other blogs you'll find that it stimulates your mind to write about topics you may not have otherwise thought of yourself. Think of it as a launching point from which you can create a whole new story with a different angle.

Indulge Yourself in a Change of Scenery
If all else fails, try a change of scenery. Should you have the luxury, venture to a place near your home that you've never been to before. If you must remain home, change your routine a bit and even move your computer to a different room in your house so you can write. You will be amazed at how minor changes will lift you out of the writing doldrums.

I hope these ideas will inspire you to write the most engaging and creative content you possibly can. 

What other thoughts do you have for mustering up inspiration when you feel like your mental tank is running on empty? We'd all love if you'd leave a comment and share!

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