Monday, March 19, 2012

Woofstock 90210 Hosts Dogs of Virtually Every Size and Breed for Annual Festival for Canine Lovers


The annual Woofstock 90210 dog festival in Beverly Hills last weekend was a sight to behold for dog lovers, their owners, families and especially kids. Lucky my two teen dog-loving daughters, our miniature pinscher Dexter and I were on hand for all the festivities. No where else but at the Westminster Dog Show -- which just took place in New York a few short weeks before -- would you get the chance to see a wider variety of dog breeds ranging in size from the under 5 pound teacup tiny dogs to the giants that looked more the size of ponies than canines.

A Woofstock 90210 Dog in Costume
As a matter of opinion, I think that in many ways the California style annual dog fair was a step above that other world famous canine-centric event.

10 Woofstock 90210 features that set itself apart from Westminster
  • Both AKC breeds and designer mixes as well as a wide assortment of mutts were represented here at this well-attended free event open to the public, proudly leading their human owners around the vendor booths and entertainment areas
  • Dogs of every hair or fur color and style, both natural and not, from hot pink poodles to funky pups sporting punk hairdos to a chihuahua dressed as Santa to at least one doggie wearing eye glasses -- all characters in their own rights, added to the carefree pet-enthusiast atmosphere

Poodle Girl in Playsuit & Hat at Woofstock 90210
  • Families with kids of every age and energy level were actually permitted at all the festivities with dads pulling older kids in wagons while moms pushed the babies in  strollers
  • Every event took place outdoors on the green grass on a sunny Sunday afternoon in one of Beverly Hills' most beautiful and accessible public city parks

    Handsome, well-behaved Boxer at Woofstock 90210

It may be March but this chihuahua is decked out as Santa
  • Mutley Crew K-9 entertained festival goers with flying disk dogs and other stunts you'd never see at a major formal dog show
  • An Old English Sheep Dog Parade followed by a Dogs in Costume Parade with lots more variety led by actress Shari Belafonte and including awards for the Most Owner-Pet Look Alike -- and what else -- the Best BH Bling. jetBlue Airways tickets were also given away to random Pet Parade participants
  • Opportunities for pet owners to talk informally to local veterinarians including Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital and Rancho Park Veterinary Clinic
  • The chance to bring and donate clean used and new blankets to Operation Blankets for Love for dog adoptions
  • Free swag for dogs including branded pet dishes from State Farm, kibble scoop-clips from jetBlue and John Paul Full Pet Body & Paw Bath Wipes.
  • Tasty treats and dog food samples including some in full size package giveaways courtesy of Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, Lotus, Fromm Family, Nature's Select and other pet food purveyors were abundant
Uber Cool Woofstock 90210 Swag That Dog Lovers Like Me Truly Appreciate
From the happy looks on all the canine and dog-lover's faces at this year's event, I'd say that a great time was had by all four-legged creatures and their doting humans. Westminster may be the home of Best in Show as well as Best in Class and Best in Breed, but Woofstock 90210 was the place to be for an entertaining old-fashioned family outing at a home-grown West Coast dog festival.

What's the wackiest dog or dog in costume that you've ever seen? Please leave a comment and tell us about it!

FTC Disclosure:  I disclosure that I'm the dog-crazy mommy of a miniature pinscher. My family and I attended this free festival and we received the SWAG and dog product samples pictured. However, I did not receive any payment or other compensation associated with this post. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.

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