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Future Friendly Outreach Urges Consumers to Make Small Changes for Impacting Environment in Big Way

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Regular readers know that MBE writes frequently about living green and has already published a number of eco-friendly blogposts in April. Since it's Earth Month and Earth Day will soon be here, this post couldn't be more timely to add to all the content already on this blog to reach out and educate consumers about living a more green and eco-friendly lifestyle. My hope is that this inspires each of us to commit to do at least one small thing to make the world better right now as well as for our children and for future generations.

Vanessa Lachey at L.A. Event w/ Tide Coldwater Detergent
Bet you didn't know that 
  • Heating water for your washing machine accounts for about 80% of the energy used per wash load.
  • If all households in the Los Angeles metro area switched to cold water laundering for a year, it would save enough energy to meet all the electricity needs of L.A. city streetlights for 4.1 years. 
  • If the entire U.S. washed in cold water for just one day the energy saved could power the Empire State Building for 444 years or could power the city lights of New York City for 71 years.*
*Data provided by Alliance to Save Energy   

I know. That's really graphic. I hadn't realized the impact washing the laundry with cold water could have, either. That is, until I got recently got involved in the Tide Laundry Detergent #TakeaLoadOff Awareness Campaign.

It has been a whirlwind week working in concert with P&G's Future Friendly and Tide Take a Load Off effort to bring about more awareness and to encourage U.S. consumers to switch to cold water laundry washing to help save energy and reduce household utility expenses. 

So, I'd just like to share some of the highlights with readers not only about the Take A Load Off event that was sponsored by Procter & Gamble and their Future Friendly line of products that I attended here in L.A. but also give you some new ideas to think about on how we can each help reduce the sizes of our carbon footprints.

It is an honor to be tapped as one of a handful of VIP mom bloggers to take an active role in this project. My journey began on Tuesday when the driver of the limousine service that the Future Friendly brand had arranged picked me up at home and whisked me and a fellow blogger to Hollywood & Highland. Right next door to the Grauman's Chinese Theater, this world-famous center is just as famous as it is the present home of the annual Academy Awards ceremony.
Flowers cascading down Take a Load Off display wall
After the limo dropped us off in front, we met up with the other women bloggers that had also been brought in from throughout L.A. and Orange County by car service including my good friend Valerie of Mitchell 
First we met up with the staff of PR agency Citizen Paine. They walked us through the pop-up laundry lounge exhibit that had been erected for the day right on the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard, probably the highest foot traffic location in all of Los Angeles.

Everything about this free educational presentation open to the public that day was green as in eco friendly. The public in New York City is invited to join the brand as the event repeats there on April 18.
Adirondack Chair in Future Friendly booth made of reclaimed wood
Future Friendly's full line of consumer products were on display as was a washer and dryer set like the ones they're giving away in a Facebook sweepstakes that you are invited to enter (see below for more info).

Not only were fresh flowers such as petunias planted in the slots in the walls, the entire temporary structure was actually made from a refurbished shipping container and included comfy Adirondack chairs crafted from reclaimed wood. In keeping with the Take A Load Off theme, passersby were invited to enjoy a neck massages courtesy of the brand.
Next our small group was ushered through the Hollywood & Highland plaza to the Renaissance Hotel and up the elevator to the Twist restaurant. There we enjoyed an intimate chat and lunch with the Procter & Gamble product manager for the Future Friendly brand along with spokeswoman Vanessa Lachey who is best known as host of the TV show WipeOut.
Us mom bloggers chat with P&G and Vanessa Lachey
Lachey, who is expecting her first baby, spoke intelligently about why it's important for parents to educate our children about what we are doing to recycle and be more energy-wise. "We must teach our kids that sustainability is being good to the Earth," she says. "Simple changes like washing your clothes with cold water make meaningful impacts that we can all benefit from."

Here's two easy ways you can get involved right now:
Tonight at 9 pm EST - You're invited to the She Speaks #TakeaLoadOff Twitter Party sponsored by Future Friendly and Tide. They'll be giving away over $1000 in prizes so don't miss it. RSVP is required to be eligible to win. 

Now through May 13 - Enter the Future Friendly Sweepstakes on Facebook where P&G invites you to commit to washing with cold water. In exchange you'll have the chance to win Tide Coldwater detergent or one of the sets of high-efficiency washer and dryers they're giving away weekly for this giveaway.
Vanessa Lachey and Me at Twist in Hollywood
About Tide Coldwater
Tide Coldwater detergent, one of the products in the Future Friendly line, was developed by P&G to work most effectively in cold water conditions and recently ranted among the top detergents. Specially formulated with efferent enzymes and surfactants, the detergent allows consumers to live more sustainably and save money without sacrificing the results they expect from a trusted brand such as Tide.

About Future Friendly
Procter & Gamble (P&G) is committed to a global strategy to grow responsibly and work towards long-term sustainability. This includes powering its plants with 100% renewable energy, using 100% renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging, having  zero consumer and manufacturing waste go to landfills, and designing quality consumer products that also maximize conservation of resources. For more information, visit

FTC Disclosure: I have written this blogpost on behalf of SheSpeaks and Tide and received VIP perks for attending the live L.A. Take A Load Off event. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.

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  1. Love that P&G is making the effort to educate the public about EASY ways that we can make a big difference!