Thursday, April 19, 2012

FREE $16 Scanable QR-Code Dog & Cat ID Tag


PetHub Giveaway for All, Offer Ends 4/22/12

In the spirit of National Pet ID Week -- which aims to ensure that pets are not roaming the streets without proper identification -- PetHub is giving away at least 10,000 of their digital ID pet ID tags for dogs and cats for a limited time.

The 1.25 inch PetHub tags made of ultra-strong recycled steel featured in this giveaway usually sell for $16 each, but are being given away free with just a shipping/handling cost of $2 per tag from now through Sunday, April 22, 2012.

Get your pet a Free PetHub ID tag like the one pictured above

A basic PetHub membership that links the pet's unique QR-code capable of scanning to your contact information online profile is included in this free offer. There are no other hidden fees for this service. However, people taking advantage of this giveaway still have the option to upgrade to a Silver or Gold subscription for added functionality such as GPS. This promotional offer is good only for U.S. residents and is limited to five pet ID tags per person.

How the PetHub ID Tag Works

With PetHub anyone with a smartphone who finds your lost or injured pet can easily scan the QR-code on a pet's tag or use the unique Web address on the tag's front to access that pet's owner contact information.

Watch this entertaining and award-winning one minute video of a runaway Bulldog named Gabe that skateboards and skis -- among other physical feats while he is on the lam  -- to see the product in action.

This Lost Bulldog Video Clip is adorable...

To reiterate, the above PetHub offer is free to all. Remember this is good only as long as supplies last and when you request your pet ID tag(s) before the giveaway ends on August 22.


In addition to the special pet ID tags giveaway featured in this post for everyone, MommyBlogExpert is hosting a separate giveaway where you can win a hip RedDingo PetHub ID tag with one year Silver Subscription upgrade prize package valued at $54 HERE

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