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Passover Easy Jewish Arts and Crafts for Kids - Free Printable Coloring Pages & Creative Project Ideas


Passover starts at sundown tomorrow night, this year running from April 6 - 14 . For the past few days many Jewish children have been home from school. Of course they're excited that Passover is coming but they're probably a little stir crazy by now, too.
I made this Moses Costume for my son for his Pre-1 School Play

The wonderful resources in this post -- all of which are free -- are meant both to keep the kids busy and to save your sanity so you can finish your Pesach spring cleaning and prepare your festive meal for the Seder.  There are some fun, very creative and easy projects here, something for everyone. Depending on the age and skill level of your child, he or she may be able to do some or all of these alone while others will require adult supervision. Of course, by all means, if you have time to take a break from your pre-holiday cleaning marathon you won't regret enjoying making a craft or two with your child while bonding.

Free Passover Download Printables
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Free Passover Arts & Craft Projects
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Passover holiday crafts that your child makes are not only fun and educational projects that create happy childhood memories, they also become heirlooms for the future.

What kinds of crafts did you make as a child and what projects were your favorites? Have you shared any of your childhood crafts will your own child? Also, feel free to leave links to other Passover projects you like as a comment below. 

Happy Passover 
to those Celebrating

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